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  1. Just light a car (preferably not your own) on fire and spray paint a building and you'll be fine.
  2. Does anyone know if this is till being sold? Had a buddy buy it for me who lives in So Cal 2 or 3 yrs ago.
  3. Andy If Attridgerm no longer needs a set of OEM SGT 07 mufflers, I'm looking for a rust free set. Pls let me know. BTW tried to message you and mailbox might be full. Thanks
  4. Found this table topper drink menu going through one of my file drawers. This is from The Quail when they honored Shelby on 8-13-2010. It was at one of the drink stations located throughout the event. Shelby at The Quail 8 13 2010.pdf
  5. At that price Reggie must be living in the trunk.
  6. Only way to 'maintain' originality on a car is to keep it factory stock.
  7. Hey Larry hope you had a great Christmas Season. Might be worth dropping an email to Brianna bfawn@shelby.com and let her know you may have gotten a 209 coin in your 2020 kit.
  8. From years past I've put the magnets on my tool box lid. Also used the computer mouse pads to line the tool box drawers. Although I hung them on the garage wall, the TS license plate as well as the TS licence plate frame were very nice. You can always find a use for things!
  9. Did anyone get the lower grill or the front brake cool air intake we all ordered in July? I got the hoses and disc brake backing plate a few months ago.
  10. Holy smokes! How many years did it take to amass that collection?
  11. Can u post pics of whats in this year's kit?
  12. guessing it will come in the 2020 membership kit?
  13. Signed dash plaque looks suspect. Always appreciate the write up indicating 'certification of authenticity' is available and the certification' isn't shown in the pictures.
  14. Bought my 07SGT about 7 years ago off Auto Trader (from the original owner) and had great luck. Sounds like it has changed over the years.
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