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  1. Steven-saw your reply to the hood latch warning label.  Is there a place where this can be downloaded? From the original post it appears he is looking for a site to download one?  Thanks

  2. In 1987 I was promoted to the Metro LA Ford Field Mgr position and there were ADM's on cars even in the 'good old days'; some dealers had them on EVERY car in inventory. Pete Ellis Ford was one of those dealers and our District Mgr was all over me to get him to pull those ADM stickers. Pete told me he had to use ADMs because 'it was really expensive to run a car store in LA and the Factory didn't provide enough hold back on cars to sell them at MSPR.' Ford was in the process of developing a system to allocate new cars based on 'days supply' which eventually stopped most dealers from using ADMs. The Factory cares about retail sales (not the selling price) as they need to keep the factory running and get UIOs (units in operation). UIOs let them boost of 'market share.' Things have changed, but in my time after 6 months a car comes off 'floor plan' and the dealer has to pay for it.
  3. Things may have changed since my days at Ford. But a safety related recall will never be charged to the consumer.
  4. Hate to say it but I think the new Vette (at the same price) may pull some folks away from the GT500. Comfortable that this dealer will be putting birthday candles on the hood next year at this time as this +$30,000 over MSRP will still be in his inventory.
  5. I put mine in from the outside taking slack out of the cable. As mentioned above, whatever makes you happy!
  6. I believe I read it in the Ford service manual? but don't recall exactly where I found it.
  7. For my 07 SGT I just took the cooling scoop to the hardware store and fit grade 8 bolts, nuts and lock washers. Found the torque rating in some Ford publication and all fits like a glove. You will have to use a piece of thick cardboard when changing the oil to create a 'slide' as the oil from the oil pan will shoot into the scoop if not diverted.
  8. The one time I tracked my SGT was at the Indianapolis Speedway during the MCA open track event, I babied the brakes so I didn't experience brake fade. I find the stock brakes to be average or below. Thought the coolers may increase braking during spirited street driving?
  9. Appreciate all the feedback on the driving lights. My next question: Do the brake coolers have any noticeable effect on increasing the factory rotors/pads stopping power?
  10. I've read from others the driving lights don't stay aligned? Are they at all useful?
  11. Great! Just ordered both. Given those fog lights are no longer made, can you produce/offer an extra set of plastic inserts like the ones for the brake duct side? Sure wouldn't want an open hole where the lights would/should go.
  12. The idea of cruising around this great country having fun looking for cool toys sounds very appealing! You have a great 'plan' for fun. Safe travels!
  13. I've used Adam products for a number of years and really like them. Tried Groit's a few years ago and switched back to Adams.
  14. Last time I saw CSX2000 was at Laguna Seca a few years ago and the car looked untouched-seats were ripped. It looked great.
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