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  1. I've used Adam products for a number of years and really like them. Tried Groit's a few years ago and switched back to Adams.
  2. Last time I saw CSX2000 was at Laguna Seca a few years ago and the car looked untouched-seats were ripped. It looked great.
  3. I hope when the parts become available there is some notification on TS.
  4. Great! Hope brake ducts make the cut!
  5. Looks like CJ Pony Parts has the cheapest SGT replacement M-18000-A (free shipping as well). Also got the Ford Performance Handling Pack Fasteners Kit as I'm not sure which bolts are TTY. Not a cheap item to put in 'inventory' for a rainy day. However, good to have when the originals fail.
  6. Justin Understand and don't doubt they work. As mentioned, if you can remanufacture the 'Shelby Parts' to original specs, that would be great.
  7. Justin: What I'm seeking is the Shelby GT brake cooling kit (pictures attached to my original post) offered by Shelby American in their parts catalog of 2008. The parts description from the Shelby catalog identifies "the backing plate that channels air through the center of the rotor cooling the bearing> This is unlike our competitors that just force air into the rotor face." What you are offering in the carrollshelbyracing.com link is the same brake cooling kit from lethalperformance.com (they offer free shipping). In fact, your write up and pictures are exactly the same as their site. It would be great if your organization would remanufacture some of the more popular parts from those catalogs (thinking lower grill for GT's, front grills, engine caps) that some of the folks on this site are having trouble finding.
  8. It would be great if Carroll Shelby Racing' could offer these kinds of products.
  9. I thought in '07 the 3:55 rear end was added at the Ford Factory as it is listed on the factory window sticker?
  10. Does anyone know the black paint code for the lower control arms? I'm getting some surface rust on them and other suspension parts. I've seen the 'frame paint' advertised on the TV car repair shows but wanted the touch ups to match. Thanks
  11. 1> gets the message to those who understand it is a Shelby.
  12. Agree- change oil, inflate tires to 45, fill up the tank and hook-up trickle charge. I'm not a fan of starting the car as that attracts moisture to engine/exhaust.
  13. Do know what publication this article first appeared? Thanks
  14. Thanks Steve! The my Ford Owner Magazine article is from the Winter 2007 edition and is kind of rare. As of a few months ago the Ford Press Kit was still available on Ebay. I've never seen the Ford Dealer Showroom album cards before.
  15. Can someone post a pic of the Stockholder Handouts?
  16. This brochure was produced by FOMOCO and featured the '07 SGT:
  17. Given its so late in the year it might make sense to wait and renew 1/1/19?
  18. Hmm $7,500 sure seems like the 'I don't want to do it' price. You could almost paint the whole car for that price.
  19. There were two GT500s? Article indicates Carroll was involved in a 2005 and 2007 GT500? Must be a typo. Interesting they didn't mention the 2006 SGT-H or 2007 SGT.
  20. Jeez really feel for you as that is just poor workmanship. No excuses.
  21. Ford Motor produced a brochure in 2007 that featured the SGT and I picked one up on eBay a few years back for around $20. Not sure if they are still available.
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