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  1. He did lift, but as soon as the car started to correct he got right back in the throttle. Once the car snapped the other way after the second hit of the throttle, he lit the brake lights up after it was too far gone.
  2. A train wreck.......LOL. Pure negligence on the workmanship of the build, plus somebody trying to make extra income by not installing the parts I bought. I hope others pay attention or at least Google these two companies in my thread to realize what they're dealing with before proceeding
  3. Well let's add another roasted and completely screwed over customer to the EVO thread. I had them build a 2013 5.8L that lasted a whole whooping 5 hours and 325 miles. Here is a link to my disaster and dealings with Fred and Nelson of Evolution Performance. This is a very long thread and plan on taking some time to read it. But I promise that it will be very educational at the same time. I'm not sure if this link is allowed by Team Shelby rules. If the link gets deleted by a moderator. The website is SVTPerformance, sub form Cobras, sub forum 2013-14 GT500 thread name: How little boost does it take to build a 1000+RWHP? OP is Bad Company I hope you guys got justice from Evo, but I highly doubt it. http://www.svtperformance.com/forums/showthread.php?1026794-How-little-boost-does-it-takes-to-build-a-1000-RWHP
  4. Don't retain the stock rear axle upper control arm. Put a Torque Arm on the car and enjoy the extra traction.
  5. You got it edited before I could quote it. But at least I read it. I hope you can go back through the post history and see that I never insulted you or inferred that you were a drug addict. In fact if you read my prior posts you'll actually see that I complimented you, before you insulted me by inferring I am crazy and out of my mind on drugs. Good day
  6. Yes I enjoyed the initial experience with the KB products. Now go back and look at the time of each post in that thread and see how long it took me to change my mind. In that time frame I not only saw the K-member bend under a car, but I also bent parts on my own car. Time and experiencing the products over that time changed my mind. Do you think I enjoyed wasting the money it took to replace those parts. KB finally refunded the parts costs, but they never refunded the labor costs to initially install and then later to remove them. You weren't the one talking with KB and Rich for months about the fact they altered the left front mounting position of the LCA versus the right for caster. Or the fact that this limited the ability to adjust the camber in the left front. Both Rich and Kenny agreed with me that they needed to change the design and strength of the K-Member, but they couldn't get Heidts to do it. As far as my back is concerned.........I don't take any pain meds for it. Why? Because I'm allergic to all opiate drugs, synthetic or natural. I'd rather live in pain then live the allergic reaction. Now for you to personally attach me is your problem. I was only speaking from the experience I had using those parts, nothing more. If your opinion differs fine, but to personally attach me and call me a drug user and crazy isn't playing nice.......the professionalism you are claiming to have as a LEO went out the window. In fact it makes me wonder how much you'd altered your testimony in court to get the bad guy in your mind
  7. I leave you confused..........okay What did I say or do that confuses you? Did you read the link another poster added to their reply about my experiences with KB and his products? Did you look at the pictures in that thread? What are your thoughts about the bent K-Member in the photos in that thread? As a retired LEO I'm sure that you understand why and how a photo is used to document evidence. What is the evidence of those photos? My point is don't believe what the manufacturer is saying, because they only have one interest in mind.......to sell you product. You aren't looking at the complete picture of what modifications can be done to these cars. If you truly want to exercise your driving capabilities in a S197 chassis, throw the UCA, LCA 3 point rear suspension in the trash and put a torque arm on the car. Because you'll be able to plant your foot in the throttle much faster on corner exit and not worry about power oversteer or an unsettling bump that unloads the rear axle as you're sticking your foot to the floor. Trust me I've had both KB and Watts Link with a Torque arm under the car. I'll take the Torque arm any day of the week over what your saying is good. Do your own research. Why? Because the comments you've made about KB leads me and I believe others into thinking that your a paid KB spokesperson. Not the average Joe off the street without an agenda. You write well and express yourself and thoughts very well, unfortunately for me I've already been down the road your own and found over the course of usage those products don't stand up to the test of time. Did KB bother to tell you he only designed the parts? But that he has licensed the product to be manufactured by another company. Did he bother to tell you that those problems in the thread that is linked in this one and how those pieces needed to be reengineered that he couldn't get the manufacturer to change one thing, yet they knew they were having parts failures. The only thing they are after is your money and have absolutely no customer service after a failure in the field. Heidts absolutely refuses to change one thing on their gigs for KB the last time I talked with him and could care less what parts you bend or break on your car. I highly suggest you crawl under your car regularly to inspect the K-Member in the areas of the photos posted in the link. I highly suggest you look at the relocation/lowering/passenger's side panhard rod mounting bracket for bending. I highly suggest you keep a close eye on the rear axle Upper Control Arm bracket. Otherwise you may wreck your car due to a parts failure that you didn't expect to have happen while having fun in a curve. These parts have been failing on cars that are used for both HPDEs and racing, since you are using your car in this fashion, keep your eyes open for them. Especially since you're both street driving and tracking this car. I'd hate to see you having fun on an on-ramp and eat a guard rail or worse an innocent person
  8. Oh boy.........man did KB blow a hot load of BS at you. If you think you were the first to use Kenny Brown Performance products on a street driven car then I must not exist. Read the link that was posted. Also since I removed the Kenny Brown products and replaced them with CorteX Racing Watts Link, Torque Arm and rear axle relocation brackets with LCAs and reinstalled my stock K-Member and front LCAs the car handles better then it did with all of the KB stuff. I've seriously come to the conclusion that any type of written article about a specific products and company are 99% BS. The real evaluation of the products is how well it stands the test of time. Hopefully KB has re-engineered a few things since I had their products on my car over 2 years ago. Because I bent KB stuff on a street driven car
  9. Yes I finally got the refund for the parts. It only took 6 months and a lot of bitchin' I'm running the CorteX Racing pieces in the rear with the stock K-Member and control arms in the front. The engine is out of the car being rebuilt for the second time.......that's another saga in of itself. As soon as it is ready to go back in, I have one of the new Maximum Motorsport K-Members to go back in. That piece is substantially much heavier with the Roll Center geometry changes that should inspire some fast driving in the turns.
  10. Is the group buy still open? Also from my understanding you're saying all 3 drive discs are sprung hub in the triple disc clutches. I talked with Ace Manufacturing not long ago about this clutch, but in their version. Their version of the triple disc has 2 sprung hubs with the center drive disc being a non-sprung hub. Does your triple disc have all 3 drive discs hubs sprung?
  11. Accufab Racing at 1326 E Francis St, Ontario, CA 91761, (909) 930-1751. I would talk with the owner John Mihovetz, he competed in the 2013 Engine Masters Challenge with a 5.4 4V Mod Motor. I believe he would be able to build you what you want.
  12. The JDM cams sound great and will give you some extra Hp to boot. Here is a video of a car at idle with them. This car has an X-pipe with LT headers, if you stay with a H-pipe it will sound even better.
  13. I run -10 supply hose to a Y-block, then -8 supply hose to each fuel rail independently. The return hoses of each fuel rail is -8 to the pressure regulator mounted close by. The return line from the pressure regulator to the tank is -10. This guarantees that each injector has optimum pressure and volume under all engine load conditions. The large -10 return line guarantees no restriction is caused by using a smaller line size when compared to supply side. This again helps the regulator maintain a consistent pressure at the fuel rails/injectors no matter what the engine load or conditions are. To run E85 at I would use 3 Walbro 465 pumps with a controller to turn off 2 pumps when the engine is being driven during low load conditions. The 2 secondary pumps will come on as soon as the controller sees boost to maintain the volume needed for the power being produced. This is overkill for your Hp goals, but it would allow you to grow without ever having to modify the fuel system again. I'd also consider the ID1300 injectors over the ID1000 injectors. The ID1300 are made specifically for use with E85 and have all internal parts made of stainless steel to handle any possible moisture contamination from the fuel. E85 loves to absorb moisture from the atmosphere. This system will easily allow you to achieve 1200RWHP without any problems The biggest worry is what hose brand you use. Everybody wants to use Aeroquip Starlite Racing Hose this does have a permeation rate that is much higher than a PTFE teflon lined hose. Unfortunately all but one brand of the PTFE lined hose available on the market is a stainless steel braid cover. Between the PTFE liner and stainless braided cover this causes issues with very large bend radius-es in an engine bay with very little room. Pegasus Racing makes a PTFE lined hose with an aramid cover that is approved for fuel use by the NHRA that has much shorter bend radius. But it is 3 times more expensive than Starlite hose. To use the Starlite hose, means that you have to put up with the permeation of fuel vapor through the hose and the car smelling of fuel at all times when it is in an enclosed area. You may even have to put up with it in the interior of the car while driving. I would spend the extra for the Pegasus hose and fittings to rid myself of this problem. Also the Pegasus hose with the PTFE liner will outlast the Starlite hose. The Starlite hose will start to degrade internally after 4 to 5 years, where the PTFE won't. https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/group.asp?GroupID=PLUMANFLEX
  14. Hopefully not the article about Kenny Brown Performance, their parts are junk. Kenny Brown had an article in one of the magazines you've listed in the last 6 months. If you really want something that works, look at CorteX Racing. If you use the CorteX Torque Arm, Watts Link, and rear Lower Control Arms and relocation brackets, with a good set of springs and shocks you'll be more than happy with the outcome. I installed Kenny Brown parts on my car and removed them after seeing a major structural failure of a K-member in another car. I also bent the relocation/lowering brackets for the panhard bar on my car. Magazines only see the results of the mods for a few days afterwards and never see the long term results or the pitfalls of the products. I laughed at the article when I read about the Kenny Brown junk in the magazine. Don't believe everything you see in print, because it isn't tested long term in the real world environment that you will put your car through. I'm positive most of these manufacturers and shops set these articles up long before they are written or the writer even sees the product. The manufacturer is going to make sure everything is set up for a favorable review and knows the pitfalls of the product, before they allow someone to test it. You as the manufacturer than limit the testing in your favor for a great review.
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