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  1. if i had it to do again, i would have got a gt500... the 2013 gt cant be tuned (S/C) like the 11-12.. i spent a ton just getting a tune... it just wasnt worth it. the tranny sucks.. Bunny
  2. I will post when I get mine in.... I will have both fronts and rear seat also.. for sale OUT OF 2013 GT-350 WITH LEATHER UPGRADE. thanks bunny
  3. hello, has anyone put one on the pass side? could someone post a pic on how to plumb this? thanks bunny
  4. i am gonna buy a JLT from jay
  5. i didnt think my 2013 gt 350 was loud enough, went with ARH long tube headers and deleted the cats, into the borlas. still really quiet at idle..
  6. had mine done at livernous motor sport, they got the tune , it took forever, new CAI, longtube headers, gears, . these 2013 gt 350 are tuff to get any one to tune. bunny
  7. Mike, thanks for sharing that photo, good luck with your new GT350 . i am going to get a black/white 350 helmet
  8. livernois motor sport did get my 2013 gt 350 tuned.... it runs great.. took them forever to get the soft ware end done, well worth the wait. ask for andy rickets 313- 561-5500
  9. phil, my 2013 GT350 drivers seat is manual, would it still work? are there air bags in the recaro seats? thanks
  10. i am wondering if i can swap out my 350 up graded standard front seats, to the recaro seats? will the recaros bolt right in? would anyone be interested in my 2013 gt 350 front seats? thanks
  11. jer, can we get our name or car model, put on the jacket and also the helmets... when we order? thanks
  12. i didnt get a tracking number either, should i look for one? thanks glad i got the four nine inch.
  13. i sure would!!! i will pay shipping and boot!!! pm me any one!! bunny
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