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  1. I also live in St Augustine as do several other 350 owners. If you would like to meet some local fellow enthusiasts let me know. We have a lunch planned on 6/1/19 at Flagler Beach also if you are interested in joining.
  2. If you have a 2015 or 2016 and want to enable Apple Car Play with the existing entertainment system, the USB port inside the console needs to be changed to the 17 and up part. The part number is HU5Z-19A387-A. It is not needed for Android, only Apple.
  3. For your reading enjoyment. https://www.fordnxt.com/tech-stories/engine/follow-along-as-teams-build-the-shelby-gt350s-voodoo-5-2-engine/
  4. I may be wrong, but I believe with 2019 production announced, there may be more built than originally planned for m/y 2018.
  5. You will be fine with painted coil covers. They are cosmetic only. You can always pick up a set of the black plastic covers and replace them for peace of mind also. It only takes a few minutes to change them.
  6. This was posted a few months ago on Mustang6G. The accuracy is not verified so it is not likely 100% correct. https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/showthread.php?t=95743&highlight=2017
  7. I am not sure if this is accurate; however, this is what I have seen shared around many forums and groups more than once: 2017 US-7,115 Total Production 6,173 GT350942 GT350 R2017 Canada-613 GT350105 GT350R
  8. Did you buy it used? It does sound like the bulbs were replaced and the dome(interior) lights were set to "dark car" with Forscan or another program to turn off the lights at all times. There is a loooooong thread on Mustang 6G that covers using Forscan extensively. https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61884 It may be of some help.
  9. The store link seems to work. https://www.teamshelby.com/store/category/2-team-shelby-club-membership/?_fromLogout=1 If you are using the complimentary membership with a GT350 purchase, select invitation only and you can select it from there. Every link from the emailed invoice for a prior membership or for the complimentary GT350 membership address included with the GT350 owner's kit do not work. This a frustrating way to go since it should be seamless, but better than wondering what to do.
  10. I can log in but cannot access any of the pages that used to be accessible when logged in. I am left to guess my TS membership expired and I no longer have access to those areas. I can't renew because that page link comes up as an error message from the email I received. I have emailed Brianna and did not ever get a response that way. I received responses on the Facebook page that were more akin to scolding me for asking how to pay the renewal invoice. Soooo....I have purchased 2 GT350's that had free 6 month memberships that I have not used, so I may try to start a whole new account with one of those or simply give up and not re-join going forward. It has truly become a disappointing experience for me over the last couple of years between political drama in my region to never getting replies to emails. Sorry that I am not one of those that wants to call someone to get a question answered or receive a discount to buy something. Email is more efficient and eliminates miscommunication. If I get a discount of some sort on merchandise for being a member, it shouldn't require me to have to call and ask for it. I guess I am not pleased either.
  11. No worries. We are here to enjoy our cars and learn from each other. Happy New Year!
  12. Many years ago, convertibles had a problem with weatherstrip warranty claims. The lowering of the windows prevented the warranty claims. As things advanced, hardtop vehicles could also take advantage of this feature. If the windows did not lower you would eventually tear the weatherstrip which allows the car to become more air tight. I have not seen a full frame door lower a window when the door is opened on a modern vehicle. That said, if you tear your weatherstrip by disabling it, then I am sure you will not mind paying for the replacement yourself based on your comment. I offered a reason and you rejected it so you apparently did not need anyone to offer a reason after all.
  13. It is not able to be disabled unless of course the battery is dead or disconnected. It is designed to prevent damage to the weatherstrip when the door is opened.
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