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  1. I can give you info on mine keep in mind Im from Canada so the schedule is a bit different but ....if it helps... got my 13 done this year . There is only one approved dealer in Canada able to do the upgrade on Shelbys authorized by SA . Got the 1000HP upgrade done on it they picked up my car in early November last year and got it back in early June this year so 7 months . I was told approx. 4 to 5 months but the delay was caused by the relocation of SA earlier this year as all parts are being shipped from Vegas plus they were extremely busy as being the sole dealer in the country doing it. Everyone gets it done in the winter months ....lot of snow here lol ! Was worth the wait and every penny spent into it . The car is simply unbelievable !!
  2. The HP is insane !!! Yes I do drive it on streets , the sound coming from those pipes is beyond belief it draws so much attention its crazy ! Of course I am the only one in my area that has a SS so the people that do know about those cars do notice when they see me . The car is solid , holds itself good on the road with the Michelin SS tires ( of course when their well warmed up and weather conditions are perfect) and with the track pack upgrade they did with the 1000hp package including brakes makes me feel safe when really pushing the car but obviously you have to let off at one point , its just crazy. The ultimate rush is when you hear the supercharger whistle when you gun it !! The whole process for the conversion to SS took them 6 months , a little bit more time than usual do to the fact that the factory was relocated a few months ago and they were waiting for parts delivery. For me it didn't really matter cause I sent the car away in the winter months the car was picked up in November and had it back in early June . The reason why I went for 1000 instead of 850hp is , knowing myself I always go for the top , probably I would of regret not going for it if I would picked the 850 package ! im glad I did but it is and extra 15k ! I will attach pictures to my profile shortly .
  3. Hey Guys , I just got my car back about 1 month ago. 2013 GT500 and got the SS conversion done with the 1000HP upgrade. The performance is unbelievable !!! Under the hood and the exterior is simply amazing and I spent quite of bit of money on extras to upgrade the interior got the carbon fibre package which makes a significant change of how the interior looks and with the Recaro seats upgraded with Katzkin leather design with matching color of the stripe and SS logo. When you said: its a tough call, I know what your saying cause it is a big decision ! its lot of money and when you see the transport truck pulling in to pick up your car it is scary . The whole experience was awesome , amazing service with frequent updates of status on production by e-mails and pictures . The car goes through quite a process , at one point you see your car with absolutely nothing under the hood (actually the original hood is gone) just a big empty hole ! But when they start to re-assemble the car with new parts you start to see the transformation you get so pumped just couldn't wait to get the car back ! As far I know there is no financing available for a SS package, on my initial visit everything was well explained to me of how the whole process goes including payments and they made it clear they were keeping all original parts not negotiable. Before I made my decision to go for it last fall , I did quite of bit of research of the SS package and options that were coming with it and for me if I was to spend that kind of money it was important to upgrade the interior too because we all know the SS package is mostly all under the hood and exterior of the car . Hopefully this helps you make your decision !
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