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  1. KB12 - Thanks. Up front, I have 9" Alcoas with 275x35/20 Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires. On the rear, I have Alcoas that have been widened from 10" to 11.5" by Eric Vaughn (he does this work professionally and has been doing it for many years). His work is guaranteed and the after he cuts and welds a wider bell onto your original wheel, he trues them with a customer lathe that actually makes the wheel balance better than it did originally. Eric's number is 626-358-6413 and his website is: http://www.ericvaughnmachine.com/ and he is located in Monrovia, CA. Anyway, on the rear, I have 315x35/20 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires mounted on my widened Alcoas. The fit is terrific. Jim
  2. Tim -- well done! And clearly, there are so many of us that agree with what you have said and what we have experienced in our dealings with Jer. Jim
  3. Incredible. My wife and I met Jer last year. He gave a tour of SA facilities and we talked for over 3 hours. In addition, Jer has helped me with several parts issues and been personally involved in helping me with several challenges -- I agree with many of the comments here and only wish him the very best. He personally loved the company and what it meant to all of us.
  4. Jer Yes, I'm the guilty one. Problem is that when I investigated what was available, there seemed to be a significant difference in the previous center top dashboard tri-gauge set and the A-Pillar tri-gauge set and the person you referred me to could not answer my questions that I had about the a-pillar set up. I am happy to be the "proverbial guinea pig" but since these gauges are installed by the SA Team, it seems that this would be the best way to capture the details of an installation. Let me know if there is anything I can do. I am still very interested in this part for my Shelby. Regards, Jim
  5. FYI - I've been talking with the guys at Girodisc and they are working on a Girodisk 15" direct replacement 2 piece slotted rotor for the front 2013-14 Brembo front brake for the GT500. When I last talked with them a month or so ago, they said it will be out in about 6 months or so. It will save 10 to 15 pounds on the front end. Jim
  6. All: I ordered several parts from Bangastang over the past 6 months. The first order came through fine -- shipped and received immediately. However my second order was for a custom leather shift boot. That stayed on order for just under 6 months and it was supposed to arrive in 3 weeks. A month after ordering the boot, I ordered a carbon fiber radiator cover with some customer airbrush work. After 3 months, about 40 emails and at least 100 calls -- some of which I actually talked to Hendrix -- I finally reached my total frustration point and called my credit card company and filed claims on both orders canceling both. To date, I have still not heard anything back from Hendrix and I heard all of the same stories as listed in this thread. They have a great product when you can get them to do the work. I will never order from them again and I will recommend that others do the same. The pain in the butt is just not worth it. jim
  7. Jer Looking forward to hearing more....when will you share the news?? Jim
  8. Klastinger -- I have the Shelby Billet Fays Watts Link installed on my 13 GT500. I went to the Fays Watts Link site to get some additional information when I installed mine. Also, Jim Fays will be happy to help (his number is on the web site). The best advice I can give you is don't get in a rush and take your time. I had to adjust mine a couple times to get it "right" and it is time consuming tightening everything up. But, when it is all set and tightened, it works exactly as publicized and definitely works as advertised. I have 315x35/20 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires on widened 11.5" Alocas without any room for side-to-side movement, and this set up was the one I needed to eliminate any side-to-side movement. Jim
  9. Chuck I had my rear brakes totally swapped out for 14" 4-piston Wilwoods. They look great and have improved the braking on the car. jim
  10. Chuck -- And one other thing -- yes, my car is lowered 1/2 inch -- I have Roush Lowering Springs and Ford Racing Lower Control Arms on mine. I also have a Roush Upper Control Arm installed. Jim
  11. Chuck -- I have two 9" Alcoas up front and I had two 10" Alocas widened for the rear from 10" to 11.5". It does not matter what size you have -- 9" or 10" if you are having them widened. The additional width is added to the backside (inside) of the rim increasing the backspace/offset and adding room to have wider tires that tuck inside the wheel wells. Eric Vaugh, owner of Eric Vaughn Machine in Monrovia, California is the guy who did mine and he came highly recommended by several folks I talked with. His web address is: http://www.ericvaughnmachine.com and this type work is all he does and he's been doing it a long time. He actually take your wheel and using his machine, he removes an inch off of the rear of your wheel, and then adds the width you want from a similar wheel and has a single weld bead on the wheel. My widened wheels actually use less balancing weights that my wheels up front. Most guys widening their wheels go to 11.75". I also did not want any clearance issues and did not want to have to cut the bump stops in my wheel wells. The only thing I had to do to mine was trip an inch off of the felt wheel well liners. I've had my set up on now since May 2013 and I've checked it several times and there is no rubbing. As a minimum, you will need an adjustable Panhard Bar to make sure your car is centered on the frame. I actually went with the Shelby Billet Fays Watts Link to insure there was NO side-to-side movement of the car on the frame. I am running Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires all the way around -- 275x35/20 up front and 315x35/20 on the rear. I love how the car looks and the additional traction is Wonderful! If you are concerned about rubbing, you could actually go with the 11.50" widened wheels and use a 305 series tire on the rear -- I saw a guy with this set up on his GT500 at the Carlisle Ford Nationals in June. When he saw mine and looked underneath the car and saw my setup, he said he wished he had done what I had done. Let me know if you have any questions. Jim
  12. holtzja


    Jer - Nice Photo! Jim
  13. Dednock - If you widen your wheels, go with at least an 11" widening -- they will fit without any issues. I had mine widened by Eric Vaughn to 11.5" and am running 315x35/20's on my rear with no issues. And the additional traction is fantastic. Jim
  14. Jer - I agree with the these guys on the GREAT things you've done in your short time at SPP -- YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. I hope your boss sees these notes. If not, maybe we should all drop Mr. John Luft a note too. An example -- as we've discussed, you basically lost a LOT of time making the Alcoa Fifty Years Wheels happen -- and that was all YOU! I have had SO many positive comments on those wheels on my car and without you, it would have never happened. I know somedays it is tough with this crowd, but we all want you to know HOW MUCH YOU, YOUR LEADERSHIP, YOUR TEAM, AND ALL OF YOUR EFFORTS AR APPRECIATED! And with the big move of SA Headquarters coming very soon and the museum at the now location -- your plate will be full for awhile. Thanks for everything! Regards, Jim
  15. Jer - thanks for getting the battery covers in -- I installed mine last weekend and it looks GREAT! A huge improvement over the stock strap and padded battery wrap. Jim
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