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  1. Count us and Sheldon both in. 2 cars and probably 4 people. Looking forward to another great giving event for the kids!
  2. Jim, Count us in for 2 cars and 5 people as usual! Can’t wait for what is always a great event!
  3. Anyone from NorCal (or further up I-5!) who wants to head down on Wednesday for the launch party at Hillbank is welcome to join us. We’ll be leaving from Santa Nella around 7:30-8am on wed morning. Let me know if you’re planning to join in the mini-conga line and we can solidify the plans. — Les
  4. Being from Pittsburgh originally (and having acquired my love for Shelbys at the Vintage Grand Prix) I may have to find a way to make it to this one!
  5. If anyone from up north is interested in attending the so cal launch party, we’re planning to head down on Wednesday morning.
  6. There’s a big difference between “can handle it when done by aftermarket shops” and being able to handle the torque under factory powertrain warranty liability. Just look at all the 07-12 GT500 tranny issues (which I’m sure Ford doesn’t want to repeat). Besides, I’ll take the control and speed of a DCT over a straight up 10 speed any day. The 10r80 will see plenty of use in the rest of Ford and GM’s vehicles.
  7. From what I heard in at least one interview the 10r80 couldn't handle the torque, particularly with any margin for inevitable upgrades, so they went with the DCT based on the one they've been using in the GT and GT4 mustangs instead. Personally, I think it's about damned time they got a DCT in a mustang. Best of both worlds for drag, track, and roads.
  8. Jim, The red rocket crew had somethimg come up and won’t be able to make it. April and I will still be there, though it’s going to be a game time decision on the snake depending on the weather. — Les
  9. Sheldon is +2 - April’s sister will be joining us again this year.
  10. How far is the event in Palm Desert from the hotel? (trying to plan contingencies in case traffic from the Bay Area's bad).
  11. That'd definitely be our luck... Just have to take it slow and careful if it is (and hope nobody's on stock goodyears!)
  12. 728 -- 614 coupes, 114 convertibles
  13. Perhaps they've changed it from when I was looking at them. It was definitely in the fine print about the device utilization at the time (this was several years ago now). I can guarantee if it's still a device that connects to the OBD port that they can track very thorough usage details of the car, however, whether they're utilizing that data or not (possibly without telling you) is another question..
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