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  1. jer, did not know this back log was happening from lack of paying attention. ordered one last week. any idea at all of turn around. keep up the good work., dave
  2. no facebook here or twitter either. (not a good idea for law enforcement) pm me and i want in
  3. pay him no mind. has no idea at all. great job, and clearly great driving. how was the L/C set up?
  4. long live JOEY8!! sorry jer, couldn't resist
  5. please, please ,please buy the new vette
  6. coming soon to a magazine near you!
  7. 2013 MUSTANG SHELBY GT500 SPORT MUFFLER KIT (49 STATE) | Part Details for M-5230-MSVTLB* | Ford Racing Performance Parts took the plunge and made "arrangements" to have this done. write up to follow
  8. pretty easy install of the upper control arm and mount. standard really, no issues. shifter knob, used strap wrench on stock ball, heated it up and got the sleeve out, screwed the new one on. simple. the same ride i took after, i made sure to go down bumpy roads, and hit 2 off ramps, 1 turning right and 1 turning left. Used moble 1 grease on bushings, and not only in the fittings, but on the sides of the bushings also. im happy to report, zero noise over stock. enjoy!
  9. BMR non adjustable upper control arm and control arm mount. will post pics of install this weekend
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