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  1. Shelby looks like it’s running out of ideas having announced a partnership with Sixt Rental Car company. First the GT-Heritage and now this!!
  2. Saw this on Instagram and I thought I’d share. I’m still not happy that Shelby is calling it a GT-H. https://www.yorkford.com/new/Ford/2019-Ford-Mustang-boston-saugus-6622ce320a0e0ae948a2c25c1624f92f.htm?searchDepth=3:3#&gid=1&pid=34
  3. This dealership has one priced at $44k without the over the top stripes!! https://www.karmartcjdr.com/used/Ford/2016-Ford-Mustang-c8ae676e0a0e0a171377b1d8c4ff3025.htm
  4. Hope everyone is ok! I think this makes 3 totaled 2016 GT-H now
  5. I’d sell one and keep the other
  6. Thought I’d share this find of Hertz signs with cast iron base I picked up sitting in a storage room at my dealership. Would be cool if I had car #2 or #4...lol
  7. I’m very disappointed in Shelby’s as well to release a “GT-H” version let alone the same color combo. What were they thinking!!!
  8. So is yours the 1st supercharged that’s not part of the original 16? If so cool!
  9. Turns out it’s not fixable and at $800 from Shelby that hurts!!
  10. Saw this on Facebook Shelby Club, can anyone confirm and hope all parties are ok. Not sure what car #.
  11. Looking for a drivers side headlight in very good condition or new as well as a GTH front splitter for my 16 GTH. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  12. I called last week and spoke with Jeremy and the set I ordered from him was supposedly the last set they had. As per our conversation because they are a “restricted item” they may take some time to get but I’m pretty sure they can order more.
  13. Wish they would offer all new GTH owners something cool like that.
  14. #64 adjusting to the Florida sun. Absolutely love this car!! I too have to order a dash decal because someone lifted a corner as well..
  15. #64 adjusting to the Florida sun. Absolutely love this car!! I too have to order a dash decal because someone lifted a corner as well..
  16. It just listed a grand total of $10k but no itemized prices.
  17. They probably are but I have not yet called Ford and that’s only for the Mustang projection one and not the Shelby GTH one.
  18. I agree that we still have not yet received a full clarification on what was done to these cars. Someone (Shelby or Hertz) has got to know something!!!
  19. Well I don’t want to beat a dead horse but after reading all the feedback on this thread I just had to chime in on my facts about the 91 octane, k&n air filter and tunes on my car. I work for Dodge and had one of the veteran mechanics take a look at my 16 GTH. Now, even though the calibration/tune does not reflect on my newly received hertz package Shelby invoice my car does have the 91 octane sticker, K&n sticker and filter and is tuned per the mechanics assessment of the car. Air/fuel ratios are in the 13.9-14.2 range indicating a tuned vehicle. My opinion is that one or two (could be more) Shelby techs tuned a few GTH cars without anyone’s knowledge and got away with it.
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