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  1. You missed out on the social Saturday night!
  2. Ahh, well I run Laguna a lot... If you'd like some help learning the line, or whatever let me know. I instruct with Shelby club. I can recommend some track days around here if you'd like.
  3. Renting one of the Borelli-built ones. #22.
  4. I would love to do both -- but this is the first race of my first racing season! Going for SCCA licensing next weekend.
  5. Hey, I'm going to be racing SPEC Mustang -- getting SCCA licensed next week. You gonna be ready to go?
  6. I gotta drop out. But for good reason -- gonna be racing that weekend with SCCA. SPEC Mustang class :-)
  7. Ok, yeah, that's close ;-) Do many track days?
  8. I would love to go to the bash, but I'm racing that weekend -- SCCA SPEC Mustang. Seems like everything happens at the same time!
  9. For Laguna, I just have my racing shop trailer the car and everything...
  10. Ok, actually, I have another "problem" -- I have a private track day at Laguna Seca the 26th! So much track, so little time -- so many tires!
  11. 4 tires, a toolkit and a helmet? I guess that's 6 :-P
  12. Not so easy, got a roll bar back there!
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