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  1. I have SGT 2899. To most people it looks like a normal plate, but to Shelby folks it make sense. I like it because its subtle but still cool
  2. Does anyone know if the kit from Ford will work on our SGT's that they offer for 12-14 mustangs?
  3. I modified a KR kit to work on my SGT, I cut out the mesh pattern in the side plates and put the ducting attachment part behind it. it looks totally factory and stealthy to the untrained eye
  4. true, but if the parameter for the rear o2 is set properly you wont get a not ready or INC, you'll get an N/A for that value not an INC, which in my home state of NY is ok for state emissions inspection i passed 5 years worth of emmisions inspections this way without a "friend" in the inpection station
  5. Nothing. All it does is monitor converter function. Call Justin at VMP, he's a very good tuner especially on late model fords
  6. Yeah, the Justin at VMP shut off the rear o2's for me. The SCT handheld doesn't provide the option
  7. i had my rear o2 sensors turned off in the tune and used the existing bung for my wideband in a previous car with very good results
  8. I'm near Lebanon valley, so I'd be interested in that
  9. I did mine at 10k and they practically unscrewed themselves. I replaced with oem plugs and a little anti seize
  10. When did these come out? Anyone know who is the manufacturer of these? Wait. Are these the BMC wheels?
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