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  1. 2009 GT500. Got in car today to back it out of the garage. When I shut it off & got out I heard a motor running. Sounded like fans. After digging around I found 2 intercooler fans that I didn't know the car had! Anyway, the only way to get them to shut off it to disconnect the battery. I figure there's a gotta be a temperature switch somewhere that I could unplug to test. Any idea where thery're typically located? Ideas? Thanks, Mike
  2. I sold my beloved black 09 GT500 a year ago to get some financial things straightened out. It was a long summer seeing all my Mustang buddies at shows. So I've been looking for a while, & I found this. 2009 torch red w/stripe delete, 6400 miles, & a few mods. I'm a stripe delete guy, & I really think I'm going to like it!
  3. Thanks for all the replies so far! There are a couple of Vista Blue 08's out there that I'm looking at. One with 11k miles, & the other with 7400. Both just under $20k, & look great in the pics. My GT500 made 529/531 at the wheels, & was a blast. And I've seen some higher mileage ones in the mid $20k range, but I want to stick with something lower mileage. I've owned both a 2009 & a 2010 Mustang GT, so I'm familiar with the 4.6 & it's lack of grunt! I just think I'd like an SGT more than a plain Jane Mustang, & I wanted to make sure the SGT isn't considered the "bastard stepchild" of the Shelby world! lol Another advantage is I could still wear all my Shelby caps & shirts!
  4. Last year I sold my beloved 09 GT500 to help get finances straightened out, & get ready for retirement that's looming in a couple years. It was my 7th Mustang, & I'm just about ready to get #8. I'm looking to keep the cost under $20k, & I don't think I'd be happy with a "regular" Mustang GT. I'm looking at 07-09 GT/CS's, & 07-08 Shelby GT's, I've seen several low mileage Shelby GT's on Autotrader, Cargurus etc in my price range. Just wondering how owners here like them, & how they're received at shows. I don't need 600+ hp anymore. I just want a car that's fun to drive, & that I'd put in local Mustang events & cruise-ins. Thanks, Mike
  5. They're going to have it Live on the Shelby American Facebook page too.
  6. i have Barrett Jackson streaming on my phone. Now it's just a matter of waiting till 2pm eastern time!
  7. I'm thinking GT500. The flyer says #50years & the 1st GT500 was in '67. I know Ford has been doing the development, so you'd think Ford would announce it vice SAI. But they're doing it at the Ford Performance booth. I just think it'll be the GT500.
  8. No judging at this event. It was made clear early on that it was an event, & not a show. I was a little surprised at the turnout. I was told over 1000 cars registered, & it didn't look like anywhere near that to me.
  9. I live just east of Indy, so this was home to me. As you said, it's THE track. And it's tough getting a chance to drive on it. This was the 3rd time I've driven on it, but 1st that I got to get up to highway speed.
  10. I thought the event was very nicely organized, & I had a fantastic time. I got to meet Carroll Shelby's grandsons & got a pic with them & my car. I attended the unveiling of the new Shelby GTE, & got to take laps around IMS. I haven't been to any other MCA events, but I can definitely say that they nailed this one.
  11. Hello, first off I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules by posting this. I was told today by the sales manager of my local dealership here in Greenfield, Indiana (Inskeep Ford) that they have a GT350 on order that is for sale. It's dark grey with black (I think) stripes. They will be selling it at sticker with no markup. I'm not an employee, just a GT500 owner & a friend of the dealership. I bought mine there. I told them I'd post something to try & let people know that it will be available. I know most dealers have their quota sold before they even come in. This dealer got 2 & sold them immediately. They won some contest with Ford & got allocated another one. Hope this helps someone. Mike
  12. I've seen it on Ebay for several months now, & I just hope it ends up in a good home. I'd buy it myself if I didn't already have one!
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