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  1. Here's one more for the list. http://www.superchargersonline.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=506_1105_1106_1107_1465&products_id=11664
  2. If you like the KR mufflers (M-5230-S), I have a pair of used ones for sale. PM me if you're interested. To me, they sounded awesome on my car when I had it. No drone, reasonably quiet at idle and really wakes up when you get on the gas.
  3. Just off the top of my head, I would double check that the right front wheel nuts are all tight. What repairs were done to the a/c? I ask because if this only started after the a/c repair then it should have to do with something that was either replaced, or something moved when it was being worked on.
  4. Cobra4me, the quad tip sport mufflers are already released for the GT500's, but the video I found was the dual tip GT's or '11-'12 GT500's. Here's the site address I found it on secondo, https://lmr.com/item/M5230MGTLA/2011-Mustang-Gt-50L-Ford-Racing-Sport-Axle-Back-Exhaust-Kit . Cobra4me, is this the same one you were mentioning? Video clips are always so hard to tell the differences, especially how the lower tones really sound. If anybody has some first hand experience driving or hearing these, I would definitely be interested.
  5. I got the car and found out it already had the Roush mufflers on it. They sound good, but I'm not sure it's what I was looking for. I like the sound a little lower rumble so I'm going to keep looking around, but nice to know what they sound like without having to spend the extra to find out for sure. Any other suggestions?
  6. Cool. The GT I found is also a track pack car with the 3.73's, but I was lucky enough to find one with Recaro's, factory nav, and a glass roof. I couldn't really pass it up, but I like a more aggressive exhaust sound than the factory setup without going too extreme, so I figured I'd ask everyone here. I found a sterling grey, but I love the tinted red metallic color like yours the best.
  7. Secondo, any drone from these, and do you know how much of a difference it makes if the car has 3.73 gears? I know it will raise the rpm's a little compared to the standard 3.31's so does it put the sound in that drone range when cruising? I may just have to save and get the GT500 valance and Corsa quad tip mufflers, but saveing is the hard part when they cost a lot just for mufflers.
  8. Thanks. If i ever get an interest in the '15's and newer i will keep these in mind, i still just can't seem to like the rear of the car from the center of the rear wheel and back. Just something about it to me that has room for improvement. But anyways, i was talking about the '14's which is a totally different exhaust setup. I actually should have been more specific too, i was originally meaning what would be comparable to the FR500S mufflers used on the GT500KR"s.
  9. Just wondering if anyone knows of another muffler available that compares to the KR muffler for the '05-'09 cars? I love the sound of those mufflers and want to know if there's another one comparable for the '14's. Any input is welcome, just please be respectful of everyone's opinion. Thanks in advance
  10. Just wanted to comment about the tire sizes. Since these wheels are the same size as the stock GT500 wheels from '07-'09, you can use those sizes as a reference. Those were 255/45-18 in front and 285/40-18 in the rear. This should actually be a good setup for both street and track, if you choose to use these for both, and it gives you a larger tire in the rear for some good traction at the track. Just a thought. Nice wheels by the way, they look really good around those Wilwoods.
  11. What engine is that, a crate 5.0? I know that's no 4.0L!!!
  12. Looked a little further and it says they are in stock for the '15's, but not in stock for 05-14 cars. Good news for any '15 owners i guess.
  13. It's good to know you got the main part of your car back. I hope whoever did this gets the same treatment as what they did to your car done to them. Also wanted to let you know that i do have the yellow Baer extreme's available for sale, both front and rear. I know it's just another part of getting her back together, so let me know if you're interested or not, i have a listing in the classified section towards the bottom of the home page. Just offering to help how i can to get the bunny back on the road again. Good luck on the rebuild.
  14. Sounds like you might have a lash adjuster that is collapsing. This was a common problem with the 5.4's, and I think the part is the same in the 4.6's, but not 100% sure.
  15. If it doesn't go away you may need some timing chain tensioners and/or the VCT phasers. I had a noise in my car early on while it was under warranty and got the phasers replaced, no noise ever since. It might be worth noting, there were a lot of 3-valve 5.4's that had lash adjuster issues where they would collapse and cause a loud tick. I hope none of these is the case for you. Keep us posted.
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