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  1. KR exhaust is a great choice for this car.
  2. Will this kit do the job? http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/Z15-M-FR3A-MSVTB.htm
  3. Thank you for your feedback. Do you have a tire size suggestion? I will probably stick with 20 x 9 in the front and 20 x 10 in the back. Also, when lowering the car is springs all I need, or do I need some type of suspension / handling kit?
  4. I would like to get these wheels for my stock 08 GT500 and I was wondering what would be the best tire make and size for this application? Also, with this setup would the car need to be lowered to not only look right, but to accomdate the larger tires and wheels? At this point tires, wheels and suspension are stock. I figured a few of you had been there and done that so you could offer valuable advise (maybe some pictures). Thank you in advance and I apologize if this has been asked numerous times.
  5. Thanks for all of the valuable feedback you have provided on my first world problem..lol. All of your post made a lot of since and I will definitely be driving it on the trip. I never have used 6th gear much, but this trip may just break it in.
  6. Thank you for your service and feedback on my question. BTW, your car looks amazing!
  7. Thanks for your feedback. The trip you took sounds like a quite an experience. I already have a Escort 9500 so I am good to go there
  8. Ok, my wife and I are headed to Savannah, GA (about 4 hours from our home in Atlanta) and I am debating on whether or not to take the Shelby. We have a 2008 that we generally drive around town on the weekends (the car has 18,000 miles). The car has rarely seen rain and I usually park about a mile from every store entrance when we take it out. My question is should I continue to let the car sit and constantly be paranoid about it, or take it on our trip and just clean the hell out of it when we return? I am torn but a part of me says I have too much money in this car just to let it sit around and I think would be a blast to take on a trip. Thank you for your opinions on my stupid question...lol.
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