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  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Shelby! Thanks for creating the car of my dreams!
  2. Oh well ! Guess I'll be waiting to see if you guys decide to add this option in the future. Thanks for the quick response Jer. Mike
  3. Jer, Will they be offering these in the Anodized Black finish? I'd really like to match my Shelby Extreme Duty Coolant Reservoir Tanks. Thanks, Mike
  4. I don't have any experience with the drake G2 Shifter, but I do have knowledge of the MGW Shifter, had one in my 2001 SVT Mustang Cobra and have one in my 2008 GT500. MGW is generally rated as second to none when it comes to Shifters. Have not missed a shift yet with the MGW! Just my .02 cents. Mike
  5. It's a hydrolic clutch. Very little play in it and little you can do about it. No adjustments (unless it needs bledding), you have to rev it some as you let out the clutch, it'll take some practice and you'll get the hang of it. BTW welcome to Team Shelby and congrats on picking up your GT500! Mike
  6. I live in Saint Charles, Illinois (where the location of this clone is) and I have never seen it around town or out on the streets. My opinion is it is a pretty poor attempt to clone a GT500. Be interesting to see if it sales and for how much. Mike
  7. Robert, very nice I'm really diggin the Red Coil Covers. Just when I thought I was done modding! Mike
  8. If you decide to go with the AFCO Heat Exchanger get the one with fans. I went with the C&R/Shelby set up and believe (this is my opinion) that the C&R/Shelby H E is the best choice. The quality is so good that it is a shame to have to cover it up by installing it. Mike
  9. I'm gong! Hope to drive my car. Mike
  10. I'm going to the 50TH, just hope the weather allows me to drive my GT500! Went in 08 and 11, it suxs driving a rental V6 but at least it was a Mustang! Mike
  11. I'm digging my Whipple 2.9 blower, didn't have to lower the engine, didn't have to notch the hood. Mike
  12. hilal, Oman very cool (well maybe not in the summertime). I see Grabber helped you with the tune problem you had. You may want to think about a dual fan heat exchanger. It will help fight the heat soak that you will encounter during during your summers in Oman. Keep us informed on your progress. Enjoy your GT500! Mike
  13. hilal, Welcome to the world of Shelby and to Team Shelby! No matter what mod's you do, lack of traction will be your worst enemy. So look at suspension and tires to get the best out of your engine mod's. Any of the TS vendors that advertize here can get you set up with what you need, so give one of them a call and tell them what you end goals are and they will take care of you. Enjoy your GT500! BTW where are you located? Mike
  14. DutchGT500, Thanks for the reply and contact info, looking forward to meeting you all. Mike
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