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  1. Very generous, I hope it goes for a good sum for the first responders.
  2. All indications are that there will be very few changes for 2018. You may have to look at the aftermarket for different wheel options.
  3. So the 2018 GT350 isn't getting the upgrades like the interior changes, digital dash, etc. that the regular 2018 Mustang is getting?
  4. I would think you can still order one.
  5. Good price but aren't the hood vents impossible to find now?
  6. I have a 2009 GT500 Vert, they are great cars and reasonably priced at the point that they will not depreciate much more if you keep it in good condition. Like others mentioned, only real thing to verify is clutch, easy fix if not updated but have to factor it in when determining price, mine was replaced by dealer under warranty. There is also a recall on airbags what will be address by dealer for free. They respond very well to both minor and major mods and lots of options to tweak it to exactly how you want it. Good luck with purchase.
  7. Seems like if there was an oil issue, it would have been addressed by now since these have been out since 2015. Any big changes coming for the 2018 MY?
  8. I live in TX, lots of great options, it all depends on what you are looking for. Houston is very affordable and has all the major sports, museums, culture, outdoor activities, and any level of housing. Dallas is similar but a little more costly and colder in winter. Austin has been covered, getting very crowded as everyone wants to move there but has lots of options also. San Antonio another great option and easy to get to Austin and Houston. My brother moved to CA from Houston, now lives in Dallas as he got out of CA as fast as he can. I travel there once a month (Silicon Valley), good place to visit, no way I would move there from TX. You will need to come visit before making the move, way too many choices so be ready with your list of what you want, your job may be the deciding factor if that is required.
  9. How much is he asking? Could be a good buy at the right price, you can always add more HP.
  10. The coupe people are going to pick the couple, the vert people are going to suggest the vert, not sure how helpful it is, probably best to pick the one YOU like the best.
  11. Agree, no reason to start with a KR for this conversion, a high mileage GT500 would have been better since doing a complete engine swap. I don't consider this "reversible" with the engine swap and amount of mods unless you could pickup the car for $80K under asking price.
  12. Seems to be priced at not much more than the price of the previous 13-14 GT500's, great value and more exclusive. Assume you can't get one built on the new 2018 GT.
  13. A lot of good reviews for the new digital dash but I believe it is optional so you can still get traditional gauges if you want.
  14. I wonder why they would introduce a 2017 model right after Ford announces the new 2018? Seems to be a new SS with those stripes, not sure why it is not based on the 2018?
  15. I think Ford would be the one to introduce a new GT500, they wouldn't lose that opportunity to hype a new halo Mustang. Look how much they put into the earlier GT500 and the recent GT350, it is too important to turn this over to a partner. They would want to do it at a major press event, I guess they could do it together but think it must be something else. Not a Mach 1, why would SAI be involved? KR?, could be something GT based but would probably lose opportunity for a GT500KR later.
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