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  1. Sorry Jim. Renee' and I have a family reunion that same day at Mickie Grove Park in Lodi. Hope everyone has a great time.
  2. Missed you Jim. The cruise was not the same without you. Mike did a wonderful job in your place. This photograph was taken by Carol on our way home. See you next year and have a Merry Christmas Renee and Mike
  3. Hi Jim, My friends from the North Bay have decided to drive directly to Saratoga. So we will join them at meet you there. Please don't wait for us in Concord. Thanks.
  4. Okay Jim, See you at the usual Sears parking area in the Sun Valley Mall before 8:00. Thanks and Merry Christmas,
  5. Hi Jim, I have another Mustang who would like to attend this Cruise. Brent and Bev. So it will be Brent +1 Thank you, Mike
  6. Hi Jim, Renee' and I will be there. Do you have a depart time from Sun Valley Mall?
  7. Ghoust: Great video. Jim: Another great year. Thanks for putting this on.
  8. Okay Jim, We will be at the Chevron early and ready for a great weekend.
  9. Hi Jim, Very sorry for the late reply. All my fault. I noticed that you have moved up the time 15 minutes. There should be two cars meeting from the north meeting at the Cordelia Chevron. We would like to catch the Conga Line. See you around 6:30?
  10. Renee' and I are looking forward to seeing you. Thank you for setting this up.
  11. Thank you Jim for the offer.The injury is to my right Achilles Tendon . So unless it is an emergency, I'm should not drive. Besides neither our diesel pickup or Renee's Eco Boost Escape will keep up with the Shelby's. Our two boys and my younger sister had to be evacuated. The boys were camping out in our home and my sister had to move in with her son. We were 1 mile south of the evacuation area. Got to breathe smoke until the fires were put out. Some of the hot ash came down and burned the leaves on our landscape. Dennis our friend with the BOSS 302. The fire was within two or three blocks of his home. He was very lucky that the fire missed his home. Here is a link to the video shot by a reporter from the Press Democrat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7Udu6hh-9U I was told that the wind was driving the fire on the first night at a speed of 100 yards every three seconds.
  12. Hi Jim, Thanks for setting this up for the kids. I am still recovering from a torn Achilles Tendon, so I cannot drive the stick. However, Renee and I would like to support this event with a gift card from Toys R Us. Is there an address we can mail our gift to? Have a great and safe Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas, Renee and Mike Hempel
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