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  1. Right, I knew I have seen these before in the past. I bought one similar to the one on the left some years ago. I remember I bought from the original manufacturer that had overstock and/or was liquidating. Mine was also in the same packaging as the pictured one. I forget who the seller was though. I thought it was Drake but I actually think it was someone else.
  2. Anyone have any idea or leads to where I may find the this license plate frame? I have scoured all the usual places to find and have come up with nothing except this picture from Pinterest. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Valid points, I don’t know if the Sport Cup 2’s won’t break loose. I would suspect they would since they are not slicks or even a drag radial. However, OP was asking posts regarding 4S or Sport Cup 2s and Pilot SS. When looking at those three for grip, the Sport Cup 2 is hands down the better tire.
  4. Given only 1,200 miles a year, the sport cup 2 tire would do you well on a road course. Is that what you meant by track or did you mean drag strip? Very sticky tire but as before, they will pick up and throw every single pebble and stone they come in contact with. Tape up your lower rear quarters and God help anyone who may be behind you.
  5. I have three cars that wear a set of each of the tires you are asking about. The Sport 4S have come stock on my new Mustang GT with PP1. So far so good, I have had no traction issues with them so far on the street. Without the specs in front of me, I am going to guess that the treadwear is far superior than the Sport Cup 2 tires. My GT 350R came stock with the Sport Cup 2 tires. They are extremely sticky but only have a treadwear of 180. They will pick up anything they come in contact with and throw it, need to be careful with your quarter panels. While they are awesome tires they really should not be used for daily driving. One of my GT500s still wears the original Goodyears. I am sure you have learned by now they are downright dangerous. My other GT500 has a set of Pilot Super Sports and while they are great daily driver tires that see limited track use, I can still break them free in fourth gear. I guess it comes down to how you use your car.
  6. My personal preference was to buy two if I have the means. I have one to keep bone stock and one to modify. I learned long ago that modifying can open a pandora's box like another poster stated. The more I modified, the more I wanted. When I went to sell that car, most people viewed it as a science experiment and wanted no part of it. I dropped well over $80k modifying a car that I sold for less than $20k. I knew when I bought my first 2013, I could not bear to do with it as I had done previously with another car. What is tasteful and worth it to some may not be acceptable to others.
  7. There is absolutely no reason to pay over sticker or even sticker price for a base GT350. There are so many of these cars sitting on dealer lots around the country that are not moving. This is also taking into account the current stop sale in place. I see base models selling in Texas now below sticker price. The R model is still selling with an ADM but even that has come down substantially from what was being asked for just nine months ago.
  8. HP 219

    Shelby GT500

    Shelby GT500
  9. I was disappointed when I called them and this is what i was told. They claimed that this is how the dealership ownership wants it done.
  10. You will find out that their allocations are being sold by sealed bid and not at MSRP. Their current intention is to sell to the highest bidder.
  11. Ryan Ford has no allocations for an R model. They want $10,000 ADM for the base GT350.
  12. Thanks! I am seriously considering this since it is only a day's drive from Houston.
  13. Finding an allocation in Houston for the GT350R has not been a problem at all actually. Finding that dealer who will not sell without ADM has been the challenge. One dealer did admit to me to wait after the first batch of cars are gone. When the following wave comes through and sits in the showroom too long, there will be no mention of ADM. Nevertheless, i will just go without versus paying any kind of ADM.
  14. I could not agree more. These dealers disgust me and lose out on my business going forward. I refuse to any ADM.
  15. Yes, they most certainly are. Included with them is Joe Myers and Autonation Katy. I was told $20,000 ADM is a bargain compared to the $50,000 some other dealers are demanding.
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