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  1. My Shelby had 24 miles on it when I got home from overseas. But the dealer drove it to my house from the dealership and that added 19 miles to the odometer. So it arrived at the dealer with 5 miles.
  2. I ordered the louvers and scoops through the dealer. The same ones as shown in the Mustang brochure. They look fantastic.
  3. Well after a five year absence from the States while I worked in Iraq and Afghanistan with Task Force Safe and Task Force Power I am coming home soon. I will return in June and I will be able to lay eyes on my car for the first time. The dealer delivered it to the house November 5th and it has been parked in the garage since then with 22 miles on it. Since I live in Michigan the June weather will be very nice and the GoodYears should be somewhat able to hook up. Now if I can get the Serius Satelite people to give me my free six months starting in June that would be great. Have to install the Bob's oil separater on the passenger side and shine it all up but it will be a labor of love. Plus I can actually see some grass instead of sand and rocks while working on the car.
  4. I have used the Battery Tender brand for over 10 years on my Saleen. Never had a problem. Shuts off when the battery is fully charged. Turns on when needed. Bought one for my Shelby and it works fine. Either he did something wrong or it was a faulty unit. If it was a bad unit I can't go jumping ship. If somebody has a problem with their Shelby like breaking a tooth on a gear or something you don't go out and say well I better get rid of my car because they are all bad. It is a fluke. Battery Tender makes a great product. I have full confidence in my units.
  5. But any good radar detector will work if you are not the only car on the road and you pay attention to the detector. If you drive down the road and you are getting blips on your detector and they are getting stronger as you go you know there is a gun at work ahead and you should slow down long before you get clocked. If you are the only car on the road and get hit with radar you better not be speeding because you just got clocked. The last ticket I got was 1980. Radar was still pretty new then and it was after that I bought my first escort radar detector. Bought the K-40 Laser diffuser in 2002 and police have hit me about 50 times with Laser but they can not get a reading on me before I slow down. Hence, 33 years with no ticket driving hot rod cars. Hint: if you ever get clocked don't make the officer chase you down. Just pull over and stop and wait for him to come to you. He will be more likely to let you off that way. In 1980 I was 30 over (85 in a 55) and knew I got clocked. It was deer season and the police were taking a leak on the side of the road in the upper peninsula of Michigan on a lonely highway at 1:00am. I saw the radar gun hanging outside the window and saw them run to the car. I just stopped and waited. They called the plates in but they felt so bad because they were under orders to write a ticket for all stops, no warnings during deer season. They wrote me up for 5 over and kept appologizing to me for doing so. Then they told me to be careful if I was going to drive that fast. Yep, right up to 85 again with them following me about 1/4 mile back. I hunted with a bunch of Michigan state troopers and they verified for me that they were ordered to write tickets. But no tickets since then.
  6. Well I ordered mine a few days ago from you. I am overseas so won't be able to put it on until some time in 2014. The instructions I assume are clear and concise and it should be a easy install for passenger side only. I ordered the silver catcher and hope after I wax it that it is going to keep a nice finish.
  7. I was taught when I first started driving in th 60s that brakes have to be broken in also on new vehicles. Very gentle use of the brakes for the first 100 miles would prevent glazing of the pads and the resultant squeal. I never changed this habit and I don't know if it still applies to todays pads but I do know that squeal is very annoying.
  8. My wife took a blurry photo and sent it to me of the transmitter/reciever on my Saleen. I also enclosed a picture of a Saleen Extreme so you can get an idea of the location from a further prespective. It is mounted in the bottom grill opening on the top side in the middle of the car.
  9. Color is up to the individual. I happen to like black the best but that is my point of view. I would assume that most everyone is very happy with their color combination no matter what color it is. I have seen some very beautiful pictures of different color combination cars posted here and they all look fantastic. What ever floats your boat is the color you should order. Look through the pages of this forum and you will get a good idea of the way the color combos look. As for happy with my GT500, I don't know as I am overseas and the dealer delivered it to my house and it has been in the garage ever since. About 14 more months and I will actually get to touch it.
  10. We don't have a front plate in Michigan either. But with a 3 foot cone of laser at 1000 feet you cant put the single reciever near a headlight because you only cover one side of the car. Mine was installed by professionals and that is why it is located in the center of the car. They can aim at either headlight and the 3 foot cone hits the diffuser mounted in the middle of the car. Believe me, I have been hit by LIDAR about 50 times and they have not tagged me yet. Now the Escort ZR4 comes with two diffuser units for the front of the vehicle and one for the rear. Those would be mounted near the headlights and on the rear plate. I was reading on the internet that due to some court case police now have limitations on distances they are allowed to use LIDAR because of the size of the beam at greater distances does not guarantee they are getting true readings from only one vehicle. Without a tripod it is very hard for the officer to hold the gun steady and therefore you can get false readings. Also darker vehicles are much harder to get a reading on as they tend to absorb the full color spectrum as compared to lighter colors which reflect more of the color spectrum. So a black Shelby is a good thing for stealth. :hearseespeak:
  11. It looks from the front end picture of this Shelby that the diffuser would fit right where I put the yellow bar. Tuck it in there and unless a cop got out and bent down and looked inside the slot he wouldn't see it. And if he ever did see it tell him it is a curb sensor so you don't wreck the Air splitter on the curbs. auto-show-photos3.pdf auto-show-photos3.pdf
  12. You mount it in the center of the vehicle. The police are trained to hit you at 1000 feet and the beam is about 3 feet wide at that point. If you mounted it at the right headlight and he hit the left headlight it would do you no good. But mounted in the center he can go for either headlight or front plate if you have one and the beam hits the transmitter / receiver. As you get a warning that they are trying to clock you, you pound on those big brakes the GT500 comes with and do rapid deceleration. As you move closer to the officer the beam is getting narrower and will eventually come off the diffuser on your vehicle and if you did not slow down they can nail you. But through testing they found that almost all officers will try twice to get a reading (K-40 causes readout to say BAD DATA) then he will move on to another vehicle. So the big trick here is as soon as you get a warning do not lightly tap the brakes. Hit 'em hard!!!!! Slow down fast!!!!!!! I have much experience with getting nailed by LIDAR and that is the key point. Yes the officer can see your car do a nose dive but he can't do a damn thing about it. He has no reading on you. All is fair in love and war. As police methods evolve over the years to fill city coffers with your cash your defense measures must evolve too. K-40 Electronics guarantees to pay for your laser ticket if you get nabbed while the unit is under warranty. It works very well but like radar detectors, you have to pay attention to them or you pay the price. Working on getting the picture from home of the install.
  13. It is not cut in. It sits underneath the front air dam in the center of the vehicle and a couple inches back. I will ask my wife to take a picture and send it to me so I can post it. I am in Afghanistan now. When I start the car it activates and it really really works very well.
  14. The K-40 diffuser head on my car is about 4 inches long, 1 inch high and 1-1/2 deep. Don't even notice it where they mounted it in the front of my Saleen. Also I would like to know about some states outlawing them as pertaining to travelers passing through said states. There is supposed to be an agreement between states that a vehicle that is legal in your home state is legal in another state even though they have different laws. For instance, front license plates. My state does not require them (Michigan) but when I drive through Ohio, which does require them, my car is legal because Michigan said it is legal. Should be the same with radar detectors and laser diffusers.
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