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  1. I traded a '12 SS Camaro m-6 for a base,auto,3.55 gear '15 GT.I love this car and it really hauls ass.with a tune and tires many auto cars are in the high 11's. If I were you I'd go drive a GT. I still have my '13 GT-500 but have been driving it less.
  2. I was at Union Grove Dragstrip in Wisconsin circa 1965 and saw the 1st time 2 jet dragsters raced side by side.It was night time and very impressive.I think it was the Green Monster and the Challenger.
  3. Me too. Even in warm weather they are way better than the dangerous GY's. They do scream sometimes when spinning though. You do have to try to get them to spin,unlike the GY's.
  4. I'm running Michelin AS/3.No comparison between these and the GY's.They were the only thing I didnt like about my car.I want a tire that allows me to enjoy my car most of the year and these do that. I purchased from "Discount Tire" and was very pleased with the price and service. They sell nothing but tires and have quality equipment that wont screw up your wheels. I wish they did motorcycle tires. They dont last for shit(6500mi) and have had some fails at the mounting store.
  5. I was lied to by the lying weasels at King Ford in Murphy,NC. After 2 month of zero progress, I started contacting Ford in every way possible to get some info.Shortly after my agressive contacting operation ,I rec'd a call from the scum and was informed "we cant get your car". They took a 5K deposit when I ordered and lied like vermin. I found a decent dealer in Ft Paine,AL and got my car thru them. No complaints.
  6. I took mine off right away. no scrapes so far, 2k miles.
  7. What upgrades are you reffering to? tell us about them pls.
  8. II have Geico.I pay for nothing, never got a dime from any ins co.I dislike the agents immensely and try to deal with the co direct. Beware of the Hagerty types. If you read all the fine print, you will find that the actual driving you do is not covered.When they deny your claim it wont be such a bargain
  9. I took mine off. It makes the car a bit more practical.
  10. If mine wont clear ramps I'll probably take it off. Plus I doubt a jack will slide under.Like most people ,I wont be going 200 very often.
  11. wow, Jaeger really has it together. Ordered Mon afternoon rec'd Wed. Mich to TN.
  12. Thanx for the help.I ordered from Jaeger.
  13. thanx, the Shelby one are out of stock and will not be carried. Jaeger doesnt answer their phone. I'll keep trying. Thanx
  14. This car seems to get dirty fast.I need some ideas on frt stone guards. Has anyone tried bigger rear ones? Thanx in advance, JIM
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