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  1. shop around on the 350. had a friend get one a couple of weeks ago in NC at MSRP no ADM. 2017 non R
  2. in my experience standing the arm straight up has been the key. the tension the spring puts on it when the arm is down causes most of the difficulty getting it off.
  3. the front vents are functional and they definitely move air. You can see the effect when it is raining. how effective it is is another question. I've never done any testing as I bought it just for the looks.
  4. you can find several alternatives on eBay. the only major differences between mine and the Terlingua are no rear vents and the front vents are not quit as deep. here is a link to mine
  5. I have the Hyper Black CS69's in 18" on my V6. No one has ever said anything negative about my car not being a Shelby. As was mentioned above, teh Hyper black is not really black. it is more of a metallic charcoal.
  6. http://www.mustangandfords.com/news/1505-video-first-look-at-the-650hp-2015-shelby-gt-s550-mustang/
  7. Good looking car. I'm in the Greenville Area as well. we have a local club that meets monthly and does regular events like mountain runs, car shows, cars and coffee etc. let me know if you are interested and I will PM you details.
  8. I'll be there in a few weeks. I wish they were open on Sundays. I'm there for a conference and Sunday may be my only free time.
  9. Ordered 2 on Dec 3. still nothing. My wife sent an e-mail to Jenni last Friday. No response to that either.
  10. Yep, that was me. Almost pulled the trigger on a set of the carbon fiber window louvers at the show. They didn't have the 05-09 ones though. If you ever decide to sell your rims let me know. B)
  11. I wish that was me... I was on the other side in the Black V6.
  12. I was parked next to you on Friday. My wife and I both loved your car. There were a lot of great cars there. Almost sensory overload.
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