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  1. Both were pullied for 19 psi, KB had the KC installed as the IAT were high on the KB, also had a gords heatexchanger on both, after that we switched to the whipple and dyno'd those were the IAT temps. results remember these were my results,other may differ.........
  2. looks great.....nice alternative to the real SS wheels......
  3. well I can tell ya from my experience that the KB just on the rollers after two hits the IAT 200, even went as far as a KC and it dropped by 40 to 160, the whipple would hit 110 after the pulls... Maybe the LC ones run cooler....this must have been a problem with the earlier ones, thus the reason for the LC units......
  4. those KB blowers are called Hot Boxes.....even when LC........my bro had one on his cobra and after a dyno pull you couldnt touch the case...it was so hot you could fry an egg on it, the whipple ran cooler, performance all around was better, if ya have to ask,it was a 03 Cobra with a 2.8 mamouth and went to a 2.9 crusher......
  5. Nice ride.......... welcome and congrats....
  6. hot4rd


    ^^^^^^^^^THANKS JUST UPDATED MY REGISTERY^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  7. hot4rd


    Thanks, glad i finally got the shelby \i was waiting for............ 1 Alibi 2 Very nice.......not 1 but 2 modded Shelby's............both are done right...Congrats.
  8. hot4rd


    ^^^^^^^^^^^^I appreciate the heads up, nice mod looks nice and clean.....did you use whipples billet mount kit?^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What mods are you currently running,those are nice rwhp number you have......
  9. welcome...nice collection
  10. hot4rd


    Correct.......gave it the 13/14 look.....love the open grills and rear lights....as for costs...it would cost others alot more as i get special pricing on ford parts..... have a small collection of performanace goodies waiting install..... 13\14 carbon drive shaft with TOB billet adaptor hub 3.4 whipple crusher set up, billet adjust motor mounts,so i keep the stock hood ID 1000 KB boost a pump 13/14, 7 quater pan and pick up Kooks L/T with Mid pipe waiting on to arrive are....... BMR adjustable rear bar WOT box Twin 65 mm throttle then the up grade will start. custom tune will be done @ Alternative Auto by my close friend Lidio.
  11. hot4rd


    WELL I finally found my SHELBY and took delivery in September of this year...Its a 2011 GT 500, Glass roof,Nav,SVT package,373 rear ratio, strip delete!, Black on Black. Current mods that were on the car were,JLT 123MM carbon fibre cold air,VMP pulley X cal 4,flowmasters,car lowered 1.5 inches with Ebiach and new Nitto NT05,tinted windows. I"ll post pics later.....
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