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  1. A pity, I will have to look elsewhere for a suitable replacement for my '16 Shelby F-150 then.
  2. Best of luck with it, when I send the title I will also forward the air bag recall notice that was just sent for you to take care of that. Cali is a great place for it, convertible weather most all year, enjoy!
  3. Way too low, but these cars are a glut on the market and few want them, but the buyer got a smoking' deal, IMO. PS, I have sold several at RK, and the reason many sit is that they are priced above market, simple.
  4. Mike, your message board isn't functional, please email me at, likes2drive@gmail.com. I have some questions about your 350. Thanx in advance, Tom Dankel

  5. Yes, it all looks pretty bad, glad I am out of the Ford oval.........except for a tow truck......
  6. I think the GT350s, especially the 2013 and 2014 models are great values.
  7. I wonder about that too, I will be out as usual for the basketball tourneys in a month or so, but not sure if I need to renew yet. When does it expire?
  8. It's tough to get rid of a Shelby, but sometimes, things just have to be done.......
  9. 10% doesn't seem outrageous to me for a commission, but you are not getting retail high price, but if you think you can, more power to you. I just can't put up with the flakes, lookie-lous, tire kickers, and scammers I would have to sort through on my own.
  10. http://www.rkmotorscharlotte.com/sales/inventory/active/2013%20Ford%20Shelby%20Mustang%20GT350/135814
  11. Right, $3K to $5K ADM they won't admit to???? Sleazy.
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