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  1. I'm waiting for the Shelby F-250 with the supercharged 7.3 L Godzilla! https://carbuzz.com/news/fords-7-3-liter-godzilla-v8-is-about-to-get-even-better
  2. A pity, I will have to look elsewhere for a suitable replacement for my '16 Shelby F-150 then.
  3. Best of luck with it, when I send the title I will also forward the air bag recall notice that was just sent for you to take care of that. Cali is a great place for it, convertible weather most all year, enjoy!
  4. Way too low, but these cars are a glut on the market and few want them, but the buyer got a smoking' deal, IMO. PS, I have sold several at RK, and the reason many sit is that they are priced above market, simple.
  5. Yes, it all looks pretty bad, glad I am out of the Ford oval.........except for a tow truck......
  6. I think the GT350s, especially the 2013 and 2014 models are great values.
  7. I wonder about that too, I will be out as usual for the basketball tourneys in a month or so, but not sure if I need to renew yet. When does it expire?
  8. It's tough to get rid of a Shelby, but sometimes, things just have to be done.......
  9. 10% doesn't seem outrageous to me for a commission, but you are not getting retail high price, but if you think you can, more power to you. I just can't put up with the flakes, lookie-lous, tire kickers, and scammers I would have to sort through on my own.
  10. http://www.rkmotorscharlotte.com/sales/inventory/active/2013%20Ford%20Shelby%20Mustang%20GT350/135814
  11. Right, $3K to $5K ADM they won't admit to???? Sleazy.
  12. This new Dodge looks like a great tow vehicle too, could compete with my Shelby F-150, need to look into it, thanks for the heads-up.
  13. I would not doubt that someone will do something like that. If you can get a HazMat permit to deal with those dangerous batteries, it probably will not be allowed in California.........
  14. Is the GTE a pre or post title Shelby? In other words, is it only available through the Shelby dealers?
  15. He also passed before Tesla started killing people with their unreliable electronic gadgets. And give me that Tesla at the Texas Mile and it will be toast, I guarantee it.
  16. The black ones might work, but the truck came without any covers, so I need to check and see if they will even fit.
  17. Good to know, it must be a sore and very sensitive subject with the locals, I got reamed out real good by a Joe Bolis on the SAAC board for mentioning and informing new people about the limited hours. Hope it does expand.
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