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  1. Anybody know the number of original Cobras that have sold for over $1 million?
  2. OK, so since you have the inside info, it WILL definitely be on the auction block, thanks!
  3. What I meant is if it is there to be auctioned, it could be pulled from the auction at the last minute by a judge's ruling I have heard, is that not true?
  4. Sounds like fun, but will miss it again, a big car show in Wagon Mound to go to on Bean Day.
  5. Hate to tell you, but my son's new NA Mazda Miata 4 banger has about the same performance.
  6. Thanks Mach 1, some think I am the only TS member that thinks like you, and I reported then same issues when I test drove the 2015 GT350R.
  7. I think you have a legit complaint about all this. Those tires are cheap and not at all as good as the Michelins. The least they could do is give you money back so you can buy decent tires.
  8. I can agree with your assessment on SAAC and MCA, add their biased, amateurish, and unintelligible judging systems, and therefore not satisfying clubs at all. And the Mountain Region TS is no better than your East Coast area for events and activities, and I have been a member since 2012. In contrast, NCRS and PCA are fantastic. And BTW #214 I would be glad to join your Facebook group, let me know what it is called so I can search for it.
  9. True, and I have one foot out the door and the other on a banana peel with this club, and I own Shelby F-150 #216, which may soon be the only Shelby I own.
  10. I know, it is like pass/fail for the "Chairman's Award", but that is very broad in terms of quality of preservation, very few like this one. At SAAC 40 there was only one '68 Div.III, and it was a rusty, beat up, dirty example totally different from this pristine version. I really think SAAC should beef up this class to encourage more original cars to be entered rather than focusing on the Div. I and Div. II over-restored and static museum display type cars. But, I have had that conversation at SAAC and MCA and no one wants to encourage original, pristine cars to be entered. I suspect the judges, many of them who have restoration shops to earn their living, want it that way.
  11. Very nice, and very unique car, most Shelbys were not treated so kindly and preserved in such original condition. But in looking through the SAAC 39 judging sheets, I guess they give no awards for Div.III "Survivor" cars? Strange, you would think those would be highly prized and awarded as they are so rare.
  12. I have seen numerous mid-late '60s twin cam, 12 cylinder Ferraris that have Montana plates, now I know why.
  13. Well, the last two states I lived in, Texas and New Mexico (over the last 40+ years) do NOT tax vehicles as personal property, so I guess I am lucky........
  14. Except the lower insurance price carries lower total coverage, like on theft, you get an F-150 coverage, not a Shelby F-150 coverage, no free lunch on that. And where in the world do you have to pay personal property taxes on a vehicle? I don't want to live there.......
  15. Except there are no pre-title Saleen, Roush, Steeda, or Foose Mustangs.
  16. I just don't see any distinction between this pre-title F-150 conversion and my '13 GT350 (a post-title conversion), it is titled as a Ford Mustang GT, same as the truck is titled as a Ford F-150, Shelby is no where on the title, unlike my '68 KR, titled as a Shelby Mustang, and CSX 7972, titled as a '64 Shelby Cobra.
  17. There are no break in taxes here. The excise tax is on the full purchase amount, less trade. They don't have to know what it is, just what you paid for it to assess the taxes and registration fees. You might fool your insurance company, but they will just insure it as a run of the mill F-150, so you will be way underinsured unless you tell them.
  18. Well then, I am less than impressed by pre-title designation. Here is picture:
  19. What should they say on the title you get? I bought a Shelby F-150, supposedly a pre-title Shelby vehicle, but it just says Ford F-150 on the title.
  20. So has the legal challenge and injunction been denied by the court?
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