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  1. Classic Shelby, Wimbledon White with Guardsman Blue stripes.
  2. OK, done deal, I'll post pictures when I get it. Really, really hate to say goodbye to Ralph Raptor, but........
  3. I am very interested to see if it really sells. No telling what astronomical reserve they have on CSX2000, but man, talk about the rarest of the rare and most iconic of the iconic. If I had all the money in the world, I would want that car #1.
  4. Thanks yes, too big, ride is very harsh compared to Raptor/Shelby with the soft springs, and I don't want a diesel to get my HP and torque with.
  5. Definitely a lot of truck, a one ton is way more than I need, but it looks cool. Too bad they don't make a 1/2 ton with that kind of stuff.
  6. AWD would certainly improve it's touring car abilities.
  7. I have seen it up close and have driven it, I like it. I am trading in my '13 Whipple SC Raptor on it, the Shelby F-150 has more HP and torque than my Raptor, and the new Raptor is not to my liking with the V6, so for my towing and sport truck needs, this is about the only choice.
  8. I am saying it can't compare to the nice ride quality and comfort of a recent ZR1, Audi R10, Ferrari California, or Porsche 911 Turbo S. Too stiff, harsh, and track like for my tastes anyway, maybe you think it is OK, but in my comparison drives, it doesn't measure up to those hi-performance touring cars.
  9. +1, it's a track car, leave it alone. It is not a straight line drag car, or a high performance touring car, it is a track car, like it or leave it.
  10. Thanks, i would like to have a new GT350 someday. I know about the after market folks, but I guess I am too much of a purist. I prefer a Ford or Shelby only type upgrade, keeps it in the family and is more a Shelby to me, not a modified Mustang by whatever aftermarket shop. I am not in a big hurry, I will put my '13 GT350 up for sale soon, but have other cars to drive until the Shelby or Ford version is available. I don't have to have the first of anything. It took me several years to get the GT350 SAI was doing, I was waiting for what I wanted and finally got it (color, wide-body, etc.). I can do the same here.
  11. I have driven two, a regular and an R. They are just not for me, but I can see why some love them and think they are the best Mustang ever, no problem.
  12. Are you sure that having the newest, latest, greatest thing on your block and among your friends played no role.........
  13. I think for a track car it is one of the best, but for a street car I would buy, nope, still sounds bad IMO and lacks the low end torque of a V8. I wouldn't want the Toyota, or Nissan, or Honda versions either, just not to my taste for a street car.
  14. But I guess those Toyota Hybrids are not very reliable................Porsche wins overall again.
  15. Uh oh, Joey and Ryan are messing up, they should have left Dirk and Westy in....
  16. Old Dirk is really hammering the competition with that GT40, looks like this will be easy, Westbrook doing well too, piece of cake.
  17. What's the name of it? I need to stop next time I am through there.
  18. Car and Driver reports 4.3 seconds in several runs........ But they always point out it is not a car for drags and straight line performance........
  19. Indeed, all I have to do is point out the 0-60 times of the GT350 and some are all over me.............
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