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  1. Live standings/results here: http://live.fiawec.com
  2. I do, but it will be back home soon, this is such a cheap price, I will not let it sit too long. I have too many things I can do with it back home.
  3. They do if you think I will ever be in a self-driving electric car. If it is not powered by fossil fuels, and I am not in charge of making all the decisions about driving, count me out.........
  4. Google, Tesla, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook will have us all in self-driving electric cars if they get their way. I can't think of anything more useless and ridiculous, except maybe by then we will all the invalids in wheelchairs so will need them, but what about able bodied people who love to drive????? I guess they won't exist, and that is a world I would not like to live in.
  5. If you want to preserve it as a collector car, leave everything in place. "In The Wrapper" is highly prized for future appreciation......oh wait, you bought it to drive?
  6. That's not unusual for a performance engine. When I built my LS9 engine for my ZR1, I talked at length with the engineers and builders who said the same things about it. 500 miles, change it (dry sump system), and then treat it according to the break-in instructions in the manual.
  7. No one wants to be the first to blink, they know what happens after it starts.
  8. That's great news, steep discounts can't be far behind with so many hundreds of them sitting on the lots.
  9. I hope, but I will be glad to take it home and just drive the liver out of it if not. I have had it for many years, back when it was just a driver before the restoration, I do miss the old girl.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/FordPerformance/
  11. Right here: http://www.rkmotorscharlotte.com/sales/inventory/active/1968-Ford-Shelby-Mustang-GT500KR/135392
  12. I am proud, but my Concours Gold KR still sits unappreciated and unloved in the for sale area.
  13. Everyone calls me Mike. But life is too short, I have given up on any judging by MCA and SAAC due to abusive, sometimes incompetent judges and this anal preoccupation with dirt, dust, rust, and the signs a car gets driven. Other organizations do not focus on this superficial excuse for judging, and I am going to focus on them.
  14. I agree, but I will warn you to stay away from MCA and SAAC type competitions. I was told my '68 KR could be judged as a daily driver or occasional driver, but it still had to be as clean as any trailered concours car. This obsession with cleanliness over technical correctness is just crazy for an older car.
  15. I know what you mean, I have never bought a car as an investment, especially a new one, that is just stupid. Good thing too, of all the cars I have bought I have only made any money on one, a '68 1/2 CJ coupe that was dirt cheap and I fixed it up MCA correct, won a national concours gold, and happened to hit the market as those cars went up. My '13 has won so many people's choice awards at MCA Regionals, and best of show awards at charity car shows, I am running out of room in the garage. One of the best of show trophies is a chain saw carved bear out of a pine tree trunk, it is huge and weighs about 80 lbs. Cars are for driving, showing, and taking to judging meets, stocks and bonds are investments, people need to understand that.
  16. I am amazed Secondo or some other Ford GT350 enforcer hasn't shut this discussion down yet and gone after everyone.........
  17. Me too, a 2013, but not for long, it will be for sale soon.
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