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  1. But the Racaros are not available for 'verts. I couldn't get them. But coupes can, why Ford?
  2. Maybe not, guess I will wait till next year, or maybe get the GT350.
  3. After talking to the dealer, I am going to have to forget about a SS. Seems the dealer has so many ahead of me for 2013 GT500s base cars, , I wouldn't get the base car till late spring, if at all. At least they didn't try to gouge with dealer premiums to get ahead in the line.
  4. Well, looks like I will forget about a SS, it seems there is no way for me to order the GT500 base vehicle and have much hope of getting that before late spring, if ever. But at least the dealer didn't try to gouge with dealer premiums to jump the line.....
  5. I am thinking about starting this soon for my SS, but am also afraid the little dealer in my town will not even have an allocation or will want to markup the price a few thou for me to order. Are the allocations on the GT500 a problem, and are the dealers trying to gouge the customers?
  6. The Shelby people tell me you can get Standard or Recaro, same as the GT500 options.
  7. I think the issue is pretty simple. If you want the Shelby manufactured SS and the price doesn't bother you, get it. If not, don't buy it and buy something else and add all the mods you want. Nobody is being forced into buying them and everyone can make their own choices, but there is no good, bad, stupid, smart or whatever here, just personal choice, that's America, at least until the government starts to outlaw cars like this.....
  8. I am getting ready to start the order process, but the build it function doesn't really show the seat options. I get the interior upgrade and select trims, but what are the seat options? Is there only the stock seat available, or are Recaros or the like also available?
  9. Sounds pricy alright, but I guess it depends on what you are getting for that $29K above the base 2013 GT500. What are the major components they are adding and are they that expensive?
  10. I have not bought a new Shelby before (and haven't had a new Mustang since my 2001 SVT Cobra), but I have had several older Shelby Mustangs. I now have a '68 GT500KR I have had for a long time that I love and am now wanting to have a modern car to go to SAAC and MCA events much further from my home. I like the Super Snake due to the hood and tail section, but am having a hard time finding out what the differences are between the base Super Snake, which I would want, and the 2013 GT500. I don't want the big blower upgrade, 662 HP is enough for me, I want to order a convertible. Any comments and opinions welcomed.
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