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  1. I've certainly been giving this topic a lot of thought since I've got my SGT for sale. However, I still haven't decided on what exactly I'll get. All I know is that it'll have to be an automatic transmission regardless of what it is.
  2. I'm using Grundy for my SGT. Its an agreed replacement value collector car insurance. I can't use the car as a daily driver and have to have a regular daily driver for every licensed driver in the household. I also have to have the car stored in an a garage. Since the Shelby Mustang is just a toy I can live with those restrictions just fine. Other than that, theres no mileage and use restrictions and its a very reasonable cost compared to having regular insurance like on my daily drivers. I've used Grundy for a couple of decades now having had them for my 55 and 57 Chevys.
  3. It most certainly depends on my mood. When I'm feeling nostalgic I'll put on the American Graffiti soundtrack. When I'm in a raucous mood, most anything from Reverend Horton Heat or Brian Setzer. Then, when I want some real country (not that Nashville crap) I'll crank out some Cash, Hank I/III, Waylon or Dale Watson.
  4. Maybe my experience can help you figure something out on your pricing. I had been researching Shelby GT's for several months. I finally bought my black 07SGT0195 with 22K miles on it a few months back for $22,500. You can add around $1,500 to $2,000 for the guitar and that should give you close value for the pair. . Due to unfortunate circumstances, I'm going to have to sell my SGT after the first of the year. Considering how bad the economy is I'll be very lucky to get my $22,500 back. I'll start at that but even though my SGT is stock and still at around 25K miles it'll be very difficult. Hopefully this will give you some idea on the real world values these cars are bringing.
  5. Well the professional photographers pics arrived and I can't see where they are any improvement over my wifes. Plus, I'm using one of hers resized as a sig picture so I thought I'd just add these rather than replacing the old ones,
  6. Interesting thread as I have been contemplating going the supercharger route lately. However, the dollar investment, with all the associated extras needed for that route, starts to push the SC plan to really expensive levels. While the SC would, off course, yield much greater performance, this more middle of the road plan your looking at is intriguing. It would give a good deal of "seat of pants" performance for the dollars expended. Especially since I wasn't planning to go very high on the boost if I went the supercharger route anyway. I'm not looking for maxium performance--just a bit more fun.
  7. Best bang for the buck might be 4.10 gears and underdrive pulleys. Its was able to get someone I know into the 12s in the quarter mile down here near sea level. He did have a different tune than the stock SGT as well.
  8. So I assume that the fender dent wasn't a PDR type of repair if the insurance estimate came in at $5K? That makes me feel better as it means I didn't misjudge the values all that much.
  9. Thanks Sam, those are some things I never thought of since I had the mentality of installing a "kit" but don't think of those extras. All told between the driveline, clutch, fuel pump, catch can, gauges, bigger tires/wheels, etc it really starts to add to the price of the supercharger. I might need to rethink doing this whole supercharger experience with my limited future plan for this car.
  10. Wow, is $15K really all the dealer would allow for trade on a new 5.0 Mustang? Even with 50K miles on it it your SGT should be worth more. Unless my research is really faulty, when I was buying one, it seemed an 07 SGT should be worth around the $18-20K (retail price) for one with 50K miles if its a nice clean car. But then maybe the market is a lot worse than I thought. BTW-If you can have a paintless dent removal repair of the front fender done (some PDR guys are really talented at that) you wouldn't have much in repairing it.
  11. Thanks for all the feedback so far. Right now kind of I'm leaning toward the Edelbrock. Whatever one I choose I think I'll install the supercharger myself as I don't feel its worth the extra expense to go the Shelby GT/SC option. I just don't think the resale values of these cars is all that great and don't think the Shelby SC upgrade is worth it for me at $10K plus. It would just be that much more money that I'd loose when I sell the car since I can't keep my SGT very long. (Part of the problem with being retired on a fixed income is that I can only afford one non-daily driver fun car at a time. So many cars---so little time.) In fact, if I go the supercharger route I'm planning on pulling it off when I sell the SGT as I likely could recoup at least half the price of the supercharger kit back. Moreover, my observation is that these cars appear to sell better at a cheaper price when left stock as long as they are fairly low (less than 30K) miles. (So I'm planning on selling my SGT before it hits the 30K mileage mark.) By doing my own work and selling off the SC kit separately when I sell the car I can have my jollies before I move onto some other kind of fun car. At least thats the plan.
  12. I've been researching superchargers for the SGT and have narrowed down my choices to three companies. My short list consists of the Whipple that Ford Racing offers, the Kenne Bell 2.6L or the Edelbrock E-force. What superchargers did you choose and why? Also, when you installed your supercharger install did you upgrade your clutch right away and also go with a one-piece driveshaft immediately? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  13. I'm in Southern Arizona and I'm running the factory recommended weight of 5W-20 oil right now (I'm using full synthetic Valvoline) in my SGT. But I'm only using the 5W-20 for the cooler winter months. For the extreme heat of summer down here where we can have 118 degree days I'm planning on going with a full synthetic 5W-30 oil for those times.
  14. Yep, its a black and silver cover. I guess I should try to sell it to a Ford GT guy-,not that there are too many of them out there. But I should get a cover that fits my SGT a bit better. Its close on the placing of the mirrors and the width. Its just that its a bit to short to cover the front bumper properly. Thanks for the info.
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