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  1. So I finally got my car out of the shop. I added the BMR Watts Link and BMR front and rear sway bars with upgraded end links.I also added Stainless works long tube headers, Lethal H nc pipe and Stainless mufflers but we will discuss that in a different post. First off the handling is the best I have ever had in a stick axle car. The car feels very planted and firm over washboard, sharp bumps, and my gosh the cornering is rediculous. I have got the rest of BMR suspension short of FR springs and stock adjustable shocks. The car will corner so flat and fast that I actually lost nerve and wondered if my Mich MPS tires would lose grip before I lost my nerve. Well the anwser is I lost my nerve first. I took a sweeping hiway on ramp that says 35MPH at 80 MPH and it was like the car was on rails. Needless to say I dont worry too much when the Camaros decide to try and leave me in the twisty's If anyone is thinking about a Watts Link the BMR is a great addition at easy to swallow price.
  2. You can add a upper tensioner. I got an adjustable one from Steeda about $250 easy install. Should take care of your issue rather simply
  3. Im currently having the BMR installed as well as the front and rear sway bars they offer. Will let you know
  4. I took the plunge and purchased the BMR watts link along with the front and rear sway bar upgrades they offer. Cant wait to feel the difference.
  5. Yes, now going with innovative lower pulley also as well as the steeda adjustable tensioner up top. I also decided to take your advice and go with the Kenne Bell boost a pump. Looking forward to the dyno numbers as well as the feel of the extra HP. I also added some more suspension goodies and look forward to the better handling.
  6. I've decided to go all Stainless works from long tubes, OR H pipe and retro straight through mufflers already installed. Adding upper and lower pulleys as well as steeda adjustable tensioner up top. Also added Keene Bell Boost a pump. Top it off with BMR front and rear sway's and Watts link. I already had all the rest of suspension repleced with BMR except went with Ford Racing springs. Cant wait to see the dyno results and feel the handling difference. As always thanks for your input.
  7. I have seen the stock manifolds off the 5.8. They are very restrictive. I'm going to add a set of Stainless works Headers along with O.R. H pipe ( I like the sound over the X pipe.. it has deeper tone) very soon and see if I can get the 32 H.P. I need to hit 700 RWHP with all the other mods I have already.
  8. Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback
  9. Currently I am running the stock manifolds along with an off road H pipe into the stainless works exhaust. My question is will I gain by adding headers but changing out the off road H pipe with a hi flow catted H? I think my county is about ready to start checking for cats.I understand I will have to re-tune. Also is long or short tube the better option?
  10. I installed the Lethal Performance 3" H pipe. Of course you will need to re-tune in order to turn off the rear 02. You can expect about 15HP difference. Mine goes through a cat back Stainless Works exhaust and I love the deep sound.

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  12. So whats the latest. Been quite some time. I would like to get a Watts installed before we lose all the nice weather driving.
  13. MPSS on Factory rims 275 front 295 rear very sweet!!
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