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  1. Did they say that they come with instructions?
  2. are there any instructions for installation anywhere?
  3. Do you have the name and model of the module that you found???
  4. The Motorcraft WPT-945 8 pin connectors arrived today, checked them to the connector on the 2013 Mirror, perfect fit,so I will use these left and right on the mirrors to work the mirror motor and the puddle lights, not the heated mirror. Most likely cut off the 2010 connectors to the mirror splice in the wiring to the WPT-945, then splice on the new wiring to the puddle lights,I prefer to use (Red Shrink Connectors:diameter 3.0 mm, cable cross-section 0.5-1.0 mm² rather than the bulky scotch locks due to space and reliability and positive connection) then run the wiring up to the map light,this would be the safest option, due to the left to right conversion as the wiring is now not in its original location. Here is the wiring codes to look for :- 2013 mirror has 7 wire connector 05-12 mirror has 3 wire connector 2013 Wire Colors: Black, Green/Purple - Heating Elements Black/White, Gray - Puddle Lamp Yellow, Red, Blue - Mirror Motor 05-11 Wire Colors: Yellow, Red, Blue - Mirror Motor connect the 2 new wires to the black and white wires of the interior map bulbs. (Gray wire from mirror to Black wire at map light, Black/White wire from mirror to White wire at map light) I hope this helps
  5. Hi, No not as yet, I pulled the pin and bought the two pigtails and a step down converter to reduce the 12volts to 6 volts, as apparently the led OEM puddle lights are only 6 volts, so I will be the pioneer and let you know the outcome. I Purchased a brand new pair of 2014 right and left mirrors that came in a comfort package from a wrecked Mustang that never got out of the factory, so it also has the defrost mirror option as well, depending on your location, there is the opportunity to possibly hook up the mirrors to your rear defrost if you can locate a pair. Also on the other forum they talk about the led puddle lights are susceptible to moisture so I intend to seal them with some silicone sealant before completion.
  6. Hi, I am trying to find out what the connector model number is to do the conversion of the 2013/2014 Puddle lights to a 2010, on another forum they list the connector to the Later model donor mirror is WPT-945 a 8 pin connector, there are several topics on this, and with positive outcome. Would anyone have access to confirm the number as everything I find on the model number states that is for the switch,not for the actual housing connector? Being from Australia, I would need to purchase the two connector pigtails for left and right mirrors, and that can be very expensive when adding the postage and no return available if they are wrong. The picture is of the mirror,I require the connector to fit that.
  7. Yes I would take a used or new set also
  8. I have begun the cooling hose routing from the Kenny Brown rotor plates towards the front cooling ducts on my 2010. Due to the rotation of the steering, and the suspension cycling through its normal geometry,I am concerned with the position of the 3” silicone Hose and cable tie points as not to fowel with anything or tear the hose off. I would greatly appreciate any guidance and most of all pictures showing routing and cable tie locations please. regards Peter.
  9. Thankyou Jer, that was one hurdle I cringed on having to do every time.
  10. Hi, I did some research into this for my 2010,and was told if you have SYNC system and your compass and Temp is on screen, then the mirror with temp and compass will not work. I then went with The homelink visors with the lighted vanity mirror from a 2013 Mustang, wired it up to the Map light source all good to go, about a half/hour labour.
  11. Was there much of a gap around the shift after removing the plastic piece out of the boot?
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