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  1. sorry to bring this thread back to life but would 295/30R20 pirelli winter scottozer serie II fit in the rear on stock rims? and would 255/40R20 be ok up front?
  2. dave316 I must say that is one badass garage along with a couple mean cars. Congrats on the purchase. Love the color combo you don't see many like it at all
  3. Yeah svt and I go WAY back ... About one month when he commented on my thread. Close friends ... Not quite. Two "kids" that get about three of you pissed off for whatever reason ... Bingo!
  4. Im done with this whole "arguement" i don't know what we did to dave to get his panties all in a bunch everytime we post. Just for the record dave i never mentioned my parents will be paying for the car, i will be buying the car thank you very much, they will be paying for the insurance but certainly not the car, so you were "off the mark on that assumption." So now that we got that squared away I hope that dave comes to his senses and can stop bashing the $hit out of both of us. Maybe he feels suprior because he has a few years on us...
  5. Good point. I totally forgot about the tire warranty since I was so into the car itself. I'm going to make a checklist next time I go in of things to go over and make sure I mention so my excitement doesn't get the best of me. Thanks svt13. Seems for some reason dave 316 thinks we're the same person ... Check the other tread you made ... Real intelligent guy
  6. Lol knew I would somehow get dragged into this by you dave. Honestly I think you just are bothered by the fact that guys in their 20s do infact own nice cars believe it or not perhaps even the same nice car as you! Get off your high horse and stop bashing, seriously wtf are you on here for anyways? You are really mature let me tell you. I hope this brings you as much satisfaction as the Shelby brings me. I hope saying those sly cunning remarks makes you sleep better at night. Happy Thanksgiving to you to. Ps check the ip addresses,you'll be just as wrong about that as you were about me getting a Shelby.
  7. Well said. That's exactly what I plan on doing. Should be going in to the dealership with the rents within the next week or so. Do you think one of my parents will need to co sign?
  8. Well the msrp as built is 66 they then have in hand writing a 10k adm next to it. So I thought at 65k that would be 1k under msrp?
  9. I have considered the 14 but I figure I can get the best deal from the 13 that's been on there lot of quite some time and my thinking is the want to get this car off there lot most likely before winter. With the 14 I wouldn't be getting it until April or may and I'm quite impatient haha I want this Shelby already. Plus the car they have is the exact one I'd order. Black with red stripes with all the options they have so its quite the fit for me. When it comes to actually purchasing the car hopefully I can get them to come a little lower since they will now I'm serious and not just some "kid" looking at this bad a$$ car
  10. well I went to the dealership this past weekend and there online quote of 60XXX was an "error" since they are just "breaking even" at the msrp. With that being said I take a glance at the window sticker and notice a 10k ADM so that brings the price to 76XXX. I asked to sit in it and was given a run thru of the sync technology. After about 20 minutes of talking with the salesman I got out and we went to his desk to talk numbers. I said if you even want to consider me as a potential customer you will have to come down to at least msrp. He went to talk with his manager and came back and said we can be in that area, well that was easy I thought to myself. With some more talking he came down to 65k even. Do you guys think that's a good deal??, the car has ~23 miles on it but I assuming that's from customers test driving it and what not. Car is loaded except glass roof and cover.
  11. Nice to finally see another fellow 21 year old i can relate to. You are certainly fortunate to get a car like that i bet its a blast. I can only imagine the looks you receive but like you said just all you can do it be respectful ... and youre right people don't no the "behind the scenes" of it. Yeah, so none of these changes really relate to me being that i want the recaro seats. So hopefully i can get the 2013 for a "steal" Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.
  12. SVT13 i was being sarcastic i no you own a shelby, dave316 was having some difficulty believing you owned the car in a previous thread, just like he has difficulty believing me that im in the market for a gt500. thats what i think i am going to do. i hear the goodyears are hockey pucks under ~50 degrees which is almost everyday december - febuary/march here in jersey. I figured id go with a '13 because two dealerships around me have them. One in particular i really l like black with red stripes SVTPP, SVT track pack, recaros, shaker pro system (not necessary but its there) and the electronics package. I think i could get a better deal since they are a "year" older. Also, i have read that there is not much difference if any in the new year model. However, if the both dealers sell there '13's i will order a '14.
  13. Thanks guy (the ones that led me in the right direction). I will check those two things when looking at the car. I'm pretty much sold on the Shelby and just can't stop watching those YouTube videos of it it's one mean sounding car. I hope to get it by the end of November. Do you guys suggest throwing on winter tires right from the start? My sisters boyfriend works for Pirelli so he could get me a nice set for wholesale which actually works out well.
  14. Great reply, thank you for your support. Should there be anything i ask for when at the dealership this tuesday and specific things i should look for on the car before finally purchasing it. For instance, I no on the ZL1 you should make sure the spacers are removed that are used for towing and what not. Anything like that for the shelby. Thanks
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