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  1. Great day for a Cars and Coffee this morning. First one of those I've ever done, but basically it's just a really short show being done at noon. I heard that they had almost 80 cars, our club brought about a dozen. Really nice turnout. Several Shelbys and one Factory 5 1965 Cobra. And a '16 GT-H. And this afternoon I mowed the yard, which was really high after 2 weeks of steady rain. I heard we had 3" this past week. Sump pump running regularly since Thurs. Seems like the flow into the sump is slowing down tho. Enjoy the weekend!!
  2. Happy Friday. Might be getting a couple inches of snow tomorrow. I'll be in a theater seeing Avengers:Endgame, so won't bother me. And it will probably be gone on Sun since it'll be back in the 50s.
  3. Greetings Lobby. Haven't been able to post or see pictures for the last week or so thanks to some changes on the network here at the office, but today it's working just fine for some reason. I've been around, just haven't been able to say hi. Had a nice cruise on Mustang Day, even tho my Mustang got hit by the evil 3. Fuel leak started on Mon at the sending unit. Just a really slow drip, but a couple drops stinks up the garage pretty good. Got to the meet-up for the cruise and the gas pedal fell off. Did it last year and I guess I need to put some loctite on the screw this time. Lastly, when unlocking the door, the rod that opens the door from the outside popped off it's thingy. And that whole door issue was resolved the week before, but I guess just not enough. So, nothing major, just some mild annoyances that I'll tackle this weekend. And the gas leak stopped when I got home. So when I fill it up next time I'll know if the gasket needs to be thickened up or if it was just a fluke, cuz the thing is as tight as it can get. Hasty bananas y'all.
  4. I'm not even giving it to him unless he guarantees a 2 week turnaround. Should only take 1, but I'll let him have 2. Otherwise I'll wait til Oct.
  5. yeah, believe me, I have no desire to give it back to him for other stuff. He's had a friend's '65 for over a year doing some minor paint work, and I don't want to go thru that again. It was bad enough I had to have someone else help me get the driver's door and window working properly again.
  6. would like to, but these are problems that are still his. not gonna pay more money for someone to fix his mistakes. I know the place I'm going to get dings and things fixed, but bubbles and cracks in the paint are his to fix.
  7. Got my sorry carcass all productive and did everything I wanted to get done. Hauled 200 pounds of dirt around the backyard to fill holes; got some seed down to patch some of the bigger areas that needed to be reseeded; got the fertilizer/anti-crabgrass stuff down; and got the Mustang fixed. Fortunately my buddy was able to figure out the issues with the door that the painter couldn't, so now it works right. And got the window also fixed. So it's all ready for Mustang Day next week, all I have to do is give it a good cleaning. Oil changed. Trans fluid good. Tires good. Hopefully it's going back to the painter after Mustang Day to get a few things fixed, provided he can do it without taking all summer.
  8. Yup, it's gonna be rough. But I'm keeping busy with the Mustang, so that will make it easier.
  9. Problem is, we're the minority for liking those days. And the kids today have no clue, so the cool thing for them is the electrics. But most of us will be long dead and buried before real engines disappear, so I won't be missing it. They'll have to take my Mustang out of my cold dead hands before I give it up.
  10. Happy Friday Lobby. Almost the weekend. Gots me lots of plans, and I don't even have 1 concert this month. Gonna get started on yardwork this weekend, gotta fill some holes that a certain puppy has created when looking for critters, and then get the first dose of fertilizer/weed killer down. Sun, the Mustang is getting the driver's door adjusted so it closes right. One of the guys from the club is gonna help, he's had lots of practice with his son's '65, so he says he's good with those thing. Weather is gonna be in the 60s, and hoping the rain holds off til late Sun evening.
  11. But it started in the automotive section, and rightly so, but it morphed into something more resembling the Lobby. Had it been just C8 stuff, and stayed that way, it would be about 10 pages long instead of 245.
  12. Happy April y'all. Hope nobody is getting fooled today. Took the Mustang for a spin yesterday, and things were good. Handling felt tight. Now I have to find some twisties for it.
  13. Or not a corvette thread. you pointed it out quite nicely, this is a SHELBY site. Wouldn't be any bitterness if it wasn't for the corvette discussion. At least that's how I see it.
  14. Enjoy the weekend y'all. Taking the Mustang for a run on Sun. Gotta get a feel for the new front end suspension.
  15. Where's BikeBoy and his expertise on these bikes?
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