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  1. That's what I do with them. As long as the unsubscribe link goes to that, and isn't hiding a virus, it should be safe. No idea if it reduces the amount of spam I get tho. Just like the hundreds of phone numbers I have blocked on my phone from scammers.
  2. No way I'd leave a car like that on the ground in hurricane country, or anywhere else where a flood can get to it. Store it on a lift, an upper level garage, or something. That car just became an expensive parts car.
  3. I'm waiting to see if my bud is doing it this year. Been getting rides with him the last few years, but this year is questionable.
  4. Yeah, I've heard Parvo can be bad on dogs. Hoping for the best.
  5. Yup, slow mending, but mending. They call it the 'cone of shame' for a reason. The ex showed me a different type of collar that some are using, reminds me of a neck collar that people will use sometimes with neck pain, but I'm not sure how effective it is at keeping them from attacking body parts. Hopefully there won't be another time when he'll need it. And I got the rest of the sutures out last night. The first 4 he did good, then decided he didn't like what I was doing, so it took some persuading to get the last 3 out. Now it's just waiting for the ligaments to heal up.
  6. Happy Tuesday. Laika managed to get out of his cone last night, so I let him be and just watched him to see what he was going to do. After about 10 minutes, whatever was bugging him on the front leg wasn't anymore, and he was happy to be able to scratch his ears again. Was able to get one of the sutures out this morning, but after that he didn't want to lay flat, so I couldn't get to his belly. If I have to do them one at a time, that's fine. He was definitely happier this morning without the cone on. A month til his follow up.
  7. Happy Friday Lobby. Another weekend and no shows to go to. Looks like the lawn will get mowed and Summerguarded.
  8. Probably not worth the effort with the new and improved site coming soon.
  9. Nothing about that happening from the Cubs today, so either the news had it wrong, or you misheard. But as of this morning everybody else is still a go. And I wouldn't pause the rest, just have the Marlins forfeit the games they can't play. I know the Yankees played someone last night to open up future days to make stuff up if the Marlins can ever field a team.
  10. Nope, the '69-73 range didn't really do anything for me. I'd rather have my '76 Cobra II than anything in that range. And I have a '64.5, thank you very much.
  11. Just the Marlins. Phillies on hold til Fri. Everybody else is still playing cuz there's no positives anywhere else.
  12. Quoted for truth. I've heard lots of asinine questions from all kinds of reporters that deserved to be kicked out of the room and have their credentials pulled.
  13. It's available if someone wants to do it. I think I saw on the vet's webpage that he also does horses, and maybe cats, but there was another animal. He uses the kits from MediVet to harvest the stem cells, and they're a US company. It's mostly on the vet to want to do better treatments (kinda like docs).
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