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  1. Happy weekend y'all. No concerts this weekend. My buds from MI were supposed to come out for a late St Patty's party, but his work just went crazy and now he's back to overtime. He was pretty much told to cancel summer, he's gonna be working so much. Bummer. They coulda waited a week to start.
  2. What about the trans that was in the Shelby 1000? That's 25% more HP than this is supposed to have.
  3. Happy Spring y'all. Well, all y'all Northern Hemisphere peeps. Hoping to do the oil change on the Mustang this weekend, and then get it out for a short drive.
  4. The title of the video is a little deceiving. It went 'to' the track, but not on the track. I was expecting to see it run.
  5. Shelby has already done that, so GM is still playing catch-up.
  6. Cool, haven't seen that video. Saw the car and met them at Springfield MCA a few years ago and got some pictures. Mine was still being worked on at the time so it didn't make it to that show.
  7. Double header concert weekend. Queensryche and Fates Warning tonight. Y&T tomorrow night. Yeah baby, rock on!!
  8. More fake news. It was the Mustang pony in a tweet that said "hold your horses". That was all that was there. Taking that to mean a Mustang-inspired electric crossover is a huge leap with no basis in fact. Just speculation. When Ford actually announces something, then it can be discussed, complained about, or cheered, but for now there's nothing to even discuss cuz there is no info.
  9. I would agree that is fair to say that most people prefer automatics. And a larger group of people don't even know how to drive a stick. One of our club members bought a new Mustang several years ago, GT, I believe, and taught himself how to drive a stick with that car, because he wanted a stick. So, automatics are becoming the 'standard' more and more. But, for those who do want to have a stick, it should be easier to get in vehicles, especially those of the sporty version. Choice is a good thing. Bummer that you let that one go. Hopefully someone is appreciating it.
  10. I wouldn't say that all of those people buying automatics PREFER them, cuz I've had automatics on my Jeeps, but only because it would've been next to impossible to get a stick, which would be my preference. Interestingly enough, my '08 Liberty had the automatic as the option, but apparently they didn't make any with the standard option of the stick cuz the dealer said they didn't exist. yet they're charging me for the optional automatic. I would've preferred to have a stick in my Mustang, but I preferred the '64.5 overall to the '66, which had a stick, so I was ok with the trade-off to the automatic. Fortunately the Shelby I'll be buying will have a stick.
  11. Cool, I'm just north of that, so it should miss us. Mid-40s and dry predicted for the next 7 days.
  12. Around these parts we just call that 'winter'. Weather people are really trying to make themselves something they're not.
  13. Pictures or it didn't happen. And don't forget the corncob pipe.
  14. Happy Hump Day Lobby. Watch out for camels. I think we're getting close to being able to get the Mustangs out. Getting rain today and tomorrow to wash the salt off the roads, and hopefully there won't be a reason to put anymore down. Supposed to be 60 tomorrow, but then back to the 40s. It's a week til Spring, so time to un-winterize the cars.
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