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  1. The article didn't say anything about comparing them, it said this, and nothing else needs to be said after saying that.
  2. Happy Friday y'all!! Amazingly, I have no plans for this weekend. No concerts, no movies, no trips. I guess I've got time to empty another box or two and argue with myself and I about where to put stuff. Near 50 on Sun, so I might throw a steak on the grill. Maybe the ice and snow will be gone from the deck by then.
  3. Don't need a C8, the Jeep will get past them just fine. And yeah, it's illegal to drive in the left lane unless passing here as well. And it's posted. It's also illegal to pass on the right, but there were many idiots zooming in and out and around on my travels over the weekend, and I almost got my rear bumper clipped by an a-hole doing just that going around to the right, when I was in the middle lane. He couldn't have missed me by more than a couple inches. And I never saw him until I saw him in the side mirror just missing me. Good thing too, cuz I had Laika with me, so that jerk woulda got seriously messed up.
  4. I get that the news is all about the wreck that put Newman in the hospital, but how come nobody talks about the wreck that took out half the field earlier in the race? It was mentioned on the news once, and nothing since.
  5. Next time you're in Chicago you better call and I'll make sure you get some.
  6. I got behind a stinkin' Lincoln over the weekend when I went home. Idiot in the left lane, with someone on his bumper, and still barely doing the speed limit. Until I was passing him in the middle lane, then he sped up. I had to get back behind him (and the other guy) because of traffic in the middle. Next time I went race car on him, got around him, and then slowed back down. The other guy that was stuck behind him passed as well. He finally got the hint and moved into the middle lane. I really need that rocket launcher attachment.
  7. I do like deep dish, but this isn't it. The place is Aurelio's. And it's originally from the Chicago-area, and has ventured out. First time I ever had it, was when we went with another family to a White Sox game in Chicago. On the way home after the game, they said we were gonna get some pizza, so we followed them, past many pizza places, and we kids were getting hungry and impatient, as kids are want to do, but finally we pulled into this place called Aurelio's. Never heard of it before (we were somewhere east of Chicago, near the IN border). But when the pizza finally came to the table, OMG, BEST. PIZZA. EVER. Toppings were just piled high, like they were layered on each other. Crust was thin, but not dry and tasteless like most thin crust pizzas, this was moist and chewy. Didn't mind the wait anymore. And we found out that there was a place a little closer to us, so we were regulars there. And now there's a place even closer (20 min compared to 45 min), and that's where I go every time I'm back home. yummy. And it's weird that I've had a few patients here that are from that corner of IN, and they also knew and worshiped at the Aurelio's alter.
  8. I haven't heard of any, but I wouldn't be surprised. Would be interesting to see how many are still left.
  9. Yeah baby. Haven't opened the cookies yet, still working on leftover pizza. Gonna be a few months before I can get back, so I always bring home some pizza to get me thru. Laika was mostly good. My dad's cousin came over for a visit and he was helping himself to her gloves. Or trying to destroy the towel we had for drying him off.
  10. No concert this weekend. Heading to mom's for an overnight. Gotta pick up my Girl Scout cookie order for me and a friend, and get some of my favorite pizza. Told Laika we were taking a road trip last night, and he did the head-tilty thing every time I said road trip. But extra bags this morning confused him cuz the morning routine was different, but that got settled when I dropped him at day camp. I figure a morning of running around will tire him out and he'll get a nap on the ride.
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