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  1. Happy Friday Lobby!! Got the major heat going now. It was 80 at 6am today. Everybody is moaning and groaning, and the news is talking apocalypse stuff. It's just a little warm. Not even setting records around here. Those were set back in the '30s. So much for global warming.
  2. I still like the C7 better. Not that I'll ever buy one, but that was the first Corvette in a couple decades that I liked the looks of. I know a few people with C7s, so I'll have to ask what they think about it.
  3. Cool. I've got a friend up in northern WI who is also a big ELO fan. I think he went to Denver a few years back for a show, and I think Philly another time. Believe it or not, I don't smell much weed at shows anymore. Maybe an outdoor one, but most shows I see tend to be indoors, so no smoking in those.
  4. Supposed to be 98 here Friday, then 96 on Sat, and down to a bone-chilling 91 on Sun. Will probably be close to 90 before I get the lawn mowed Sat. I used to work construction pouring concrete on days like Friday in FL. Didn't kill me then, won't kill me now.
  5. That thread is about 10% about the C8, and 90% about anything and everything else. On Topic is something that doesn't happen very often.
  6. Happy Hump Day Lobby. The beginning of the great Heat Wave of 2019 starts today, with it peaking Fri/Sat. I wonder how hot it will be when I'm mowing Sat morning. And in case anybody has forgotten, 50 years ago, Apollo 11 was on it's way to the Moon. I've been bingeing on all the specials and documentaries going on this week, probably just like I was 50 years ago, when I'm pretty sure I was completely into everything that had to do with the space race. Couldn't get enough of it. I was memorizing the craters on the Moon, and the landing sites, and well, anything and everything. Such a great time it was.
  7. Bummer, wish I had known about the Joliet thing, I woulda tried to go.
  8. Greetings from the tropics of IL. 90s all week with high humidity levels. More or less normal for this time of year. The water park should be busy this week.
  9. Got another one in with about 30 minutes left to spare.
  10. That should melt the snow in the Great White North. But Great Green North just don't sound right.
  11. Happy Friday-eve. Getting a little cool down today, only low 80s, before back up to the 90s this weekend. It should be too hot for my grass to be growing like it is, but I'll be mowing again on Sat.
  12. What do they say about a fool and his money? If people stopped paying for them, the markups would go away.
  13. One dealer already advertising here with a 20 grand mark-up. Ridiculous. Even if it was the most awesome-ist car that I absolutely had to have, that would be the red flag that would stop me from getting it.
  14. Nope, July is concert free. And no pot for this metal head. Gave that up in High School.
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