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  1. Then Ford really wasted their money, cuz they didn't inflate the numbers enough to make them unrealistic.
  2. Happy Packer week, y'all. Go BEARS, kill the Packers!!
  3. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.
  4. I've gotten a renewal notice the last few years via email about a month before my membership ran out with a link.
  5. yup, me too. And it's gotten a lot of use since I have it at the office.
  6. I think Randy likes it. A lot. Amazing that the carbon fiber package takes 5 seconds off the track. Wow. I know people doing lots of stuff for 1 second. That's just insane.
  7. But this is a GT500 question, so asking them isn't relevant to the discussion. Anybody from Ford or Shelby know if there's really any differences between pre-production and production GT500s?
  8. For those of us not at 6g, what happened there, so we can avoid the same mistakes?
  9. Go BEARS!!! Great smackdown of the Cowboys last night. Hopefully they can do it again against the Cheeseheads next week.
  10. Got mine yesterday. Really nice package. Love the shirt.
  11. Nothing negative against the kid, other than he's making a claim that may not be true. Although I think production vs pre-production is kinda nit-picky, cuz what's really different between the two?
  12. But it did get massive performance upgrades from the Mustang GT, regardless of who did them. That's why it doesn't seem like a 'stock' Mustang to me.
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