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  1. How's it going Lobby. Looks like, weather permitting, we actually get to have a club meeting next week. The pizza place is gonna let take over the parking lot, so we have to hope for no rain cuz we can't go inside until next month at the earliest. No idea if the state will allow our car show in Sept tho. No gatherings of over 50 people at that time, maybe, so it might be a no-go.
  2. Cool. Appreciate the review. Not expecting a great sound from ear buds (not even Bose which I think is crap), but noise cancelling would be nice. I'm using a Bluetooth set now but it has the thing you wear around your neck, and even tho it's not a major pain, just having them in the ear would be slightly better. They have noise cancelling, and it's significant amount, I can easily tell the difference when it's switched on.
  3. I hope everyone is safe from the stupid violence going on all over.
  4. Yup, it was awesome. I got to see the launch, docking, and entrance into ISS. On to the moon and Mars
  5. Are those ear-buds noise cancelling/reducing? The only time I use earphones is when I'm flying or mowing, so I would need noise cancelling/reducing ones.
  6. Saw a couple cool episodes of Overhaulin' over the weekend. One was with a Shelby Daytona, and the other was a '67 fastback. Both were pretty sweet after it was all done. They even had Peter Brock in to check out the Daytona, and he was impressed.
  7. Not for me, only 4 days, then 4 off, then 4 days. Heading across the border to mom's this weekend to get my Aurelio's fix. BikeBoy, you can come get some too if you want.
  8. Happy Friday y'all. Enjoy the weekend if you're in a state that will allow you to do that. I'll be doing yard work tomorrow, we've gotten lots of rain this week, so probably have to mow again, especially since I won't be home next weekend to do it. Y'all be safe and watch out for cooties.
  9. Shout out to Wisconsin for getting out from under the thumb of a wanna-be dictator. Hoping for some similar relief here, but I doubt it since King Madigan has the courts under his thumb. And I'm waiting for the Mustang to get put back together. Hopefully the rebuilt power steering stuff goes on without issue.
  10. Happy Hump Day Lobby. Please do your humping from at least 6' away to maintain social distancing, and wear a mask.
  11. I'm sure Herr Pritzker wanted the publicity for Chicago of the flyover. He'll admonish people later about social distancing.
  12. Figured you were going for completeness. I heard about all three at the same time, so kinda weird that your feed didn't include Chicago. Minute by minute updates not needed, just day to day. I figure you can handle that.
  13. Car Kings recently had an episode where they did a resto-mod Mach 1 build for Joey Logano. It came out pretty nice. I think they used a '73 for the donor car, and put modern everything in it.
  14. Just the joys of living under a dictator.
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