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  1. Taking advantage of the day off tomorrow to head across the border and see mom and sister, and get some Aurelio's. And some ribs on Sat. Plus I'll get my elephant ear fix taken care of since the carney wagons are setting up shop in various places so people can get their fill of faire food, since there are no faires or carnivals happening this summer.
  2. Don't even need immune suppressant meds, just anti-inflammatories. Dexamethosone is being shown to minimize a lot of the issues in the lungs. As for treating oneself, prevention is always the best. I haven't had a cold in a few years, never had the flu, and I work in an office where everybody gets sick in the cold and flu season. I've got really good supplements that keep my own immune system functioning perfectly.
  3. Thanks. The first husky the ex had tore one, had surgery (although she can't remember which one, and it was 20 years ago), and while she was recovering from surgery, tore the other one. Vet said chances go up to about 50% in the other one after one is torn, mostly because of the added stress from favoring the bad leg. I'm probably be preventative and get the prolo done in both knees, to minimize that a bit.
  4. That's the only surgery of the 3 options that is remotely doable. Good to hear that Cozmo did good with it. The other 2 are beyond wrong. I'll know something next week. Keeping him from running around is the biggest challenge, and I'm not even trying to keep him off the couch or the bed, cuz I'm not gonna crate him all the time.
  5. Someone needs to create a levitator so it can just be lifted up and put on the flatbed, rather than be dragged. But don't the 350Rs have a tow hook in the front, so wouldn't that save hooking up underneath?
  6. Found out Mon that my dog tore the ACL in his left rear leg. Been limping about a month, but I thought he just sprained something, but when it didn't get better, it was time to take him to get seen. I examined him best I could and couldn't find anything. He's not showing me that he's in pain, and he let me examine his leg from his hip to his foot. Don't know what he did, I didn't see anything, and there was no swelling. The surgeries that vets do for ACL tears are just wrong. Fortunately, prolotherapy is shown to have excellent results, so I'm educating the vet about it. Nearest place I've found is over in MI, so if he chooses not to, I'll just head that direction, and either do a day trip, or visit friends for an overnight.
  7. Happy Hump Day lobby. My hump is even shorter this week, since I started with Mon off, and the office is closed for the 4th on Fri (don't ask me why, wasn't my decision or choice, and I only found out about it cuz I was checking the schedule for this week).
  8. And it seems like the chances of those happening are even less than the chances of dying. Seizures and strokes are more common with certain meds; and encephalitis is more common just by going to college or joining the military. Just living has a moderate risk of bad things happening. But I'll accept that risk and continue to live. Someone once said "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself." I think that's appropriate in this case. Like I said before, a 1.5% chance of transmission between parties if both are wearing masks (and not even the N95s), so mask everyone and open the country back up.
  9. Got to get to a show at a Ford dealer about an hour east of here, and I couldn't believe all the Shelby's on the lot. There were more Shelby trucks than Mustangs. Saw a Super Snake F150 and Mustang. A Shelby Raptor. A couple GT350s in addition to the Super Snake. Considering it wasn't a major city, that was a pretty stocked up Ford Dealer. Even saw Boss 302s in all 4 colors (3 of which were from our club).
  10. What horrific long term effects? I've only heard of one or two people that needed lung transplants, but even people with lung problems have done fine. So basically it's like the flu: live or die. But if there's a 1.5% chance of transmission with both people wearing masks, then mandate masks and get back to normalcy.
  11. The economy-killing nonsense restrictions. Mandate masks on everyone and open everything up. The fact that the actual numbers of infected might be 20 million in the US significantly reduces the lethality of it, which was massively over-hyped to begin with. The county I live in is about 1% positive. The 9 county region is less than that. The numbers just don't justify all the nonsense restrictions.
  12. Wouldn't be a Bullitt then, just a GT500 with Highland Green paint. And it might even have made the car worse on the track.
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