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  1. Jer and Keith are the only people that will ever get back to you I promise you that.
  2. I'm sure if you had to wait 2 months and been getting the run around from multiple people promising you they will call back you would be wanting a discount. I've called several times being on hold for 45 min and all I got for a response was someone will call you back. Never received 1 call back. They sure were quick to charge me also for something I never got either.
  3. so does that mean you can give me free shipping now for taking 2 months to go out
  4. Has it shipped 10 more days until it has been 2 months
  5. any update still hasent gone out looks like guess it will take 2 months to ship
  6. Ok Ok thank you they would not mention anything at all when i called them
  7. This is the slowest and worst service i have ever recieved from shelby store. Placed my order on 3/19 I contacted several people on here I also called shelby store 6 times. Waited 30 min on hold each time they gave me the run around said someone will contact me back or some bs they will look into my order So now i have to sit here and hope my order goes out
  8. If someone can help me with my order placed on 3/19 still have not received. Email the sales staff 3 times and not 1 reply its kinda ridiculous
  9. I registered on legacy bank on their site said they will give you a shirt but i diddnt know if that reserved a spot
  10. Do you just register on their site i went last year but they wouldnt let me park in main area idk proably was full
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