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  1. I see Houston has a monthly deal going. Is therething like that in the DFW area? Donny
  2. She's home! Sorry no pictures. Had to pay the $100 deductible tho. Man what a difference! Clutch pedal is softer. The engagement is closer to the floor and it shifts smoother! Take off is much improved of the original clutch. Just a all around better setup. Thanks for all the information. Donny
  3. Grabber, you did us a great service! Thank you! Not really. Just the stated issues listed on the TSB and that it's slipping because the dragging smoked the clutch. Plus,I had the ESP and the TSB in hand and I went right to the service manager! All in all, he was pretty nice. He did try the old... well the TSB is for troubleshooting and repair. I said yes, that's right it is. However, if there wasn't a problem with this clutch, then you wouldn't have a TSB would you? Plus he looked the car over pretty good. There's no nicks, dents or scratches and it's nearly spotles. This Dealer does the Value Care oil changes for me and the tech does a 120K point inspection trying to find stuff to sell me. They even check and report the brake pad thickness on the form I get. They just called and it's ready, so 1/2 day of vacation for me and I'm off to see how it drives
  4. Thanks, If there is rust on the input shaft, I hope the tech cleans it off. I just got word that they're putting it back together after lunch so maybe it'll be ready tonight!. Donny
  5. I'd like to see the old parts. I'm an aircraft mechanic and have always done things myself. It just doesn't feel right having someone else working on my car! Donny
  6. No pics. I have to work. Thanks for the heads up. I'll check invoice to see what parts were used. Donny
  7. The dealer called..... They are going to warranty it under the TSB. Seems that the Premium care ( Ford ESP) is a 12 month deal on the clutch. I verified they were gonna use the parts listed in the TSB and not just replace the parts with the same as the original. Should be done Thursday :-) I asked if I bring 4 qts of Royal Purple, would the chage out the tranny oil and they said yes. Donny
  8. Shelby001 Yes. Original clutch. I took the service manager for a ride in it yesterday. Waiting for a call back.
  9. Ccopland3 It's been 6 hours and no word back. We also got the ValueCare Program. The dealer has seen this car every 6 months for and oil change. I still have the original tires, they check the tire tread, the brake pads and everything else looking for someway to sell me something. So hopefully, they'll be on the up and up and take care of this deal. Donny
  10. 2008. It's my garage dust collector. It sets for weeks, gets dusty and then gets a bath Donny
  11. Dan, 17K. We picked up the car in Sept 2012. I had 4500 miles on it. It was a CPO car, plus we bought the extened warranty. I'm calling the dealer today and we'll see what they have to say. Donny
  12. Is TSB 10-3-8, the latest revision? All of a sudden the clutch has started to slip. Thx
  13. Anyone going next year. If you have been to the previous shows, can you give me a run down on what to expect.
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