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  1. Turns out my filter came loose and off a bit and this was messing with the air sensor reading i believe. tightened it back up and every thing is back to normal
  2. After installing my K&N intake with no tune I started to take notice of my air/fuel reading at idle my reading is mostly at 14.1 but fluctuates down to around 13.1 and back up. At WOT it goes down to 11z and then shoots up all the way to 20 and back down to steady 14z as I let go of the gas. Is this normal or ok ? Just curious because I like to really understand the details of how my car is running and I'm trying to avoid the stock intake back on just to compare. Also I just started to realize when pulling up and stop at a traffic light my rpm goes down to 1000 and stays there for a sec before going lower to idle did not notice this before Third for some reason all of the sudden on normal acceleration from 0 on first gear it feels like my rpm climbs slower up to 2500 and then picks up where is before it would shoot up from start, there for I would get that power launch feeling with out having to rev it before launching Could it be I have an air leak somewhere ? Any clarification on these concerns Would be greatly appreciated I'm sure it could be nothing and maybe I'm just exaggerating but its still good to know
  3. Congratulation! Looks great I just added some Mods to mine myself check it out Hope you enjoy it
  4. Keeping it Simple Yet Beasty

  5. He guys check out a clip and some images of my upgrades hope you enjoy it keeping it simple yet Beasty upcomming upgrades: waiting on delivery of side and rear splitters keeping it simple yet Beasty
  6. Hey guys here is something we created after installing a Borlas S-type axle back and a K&N Intake Stock Exhaust sounded amazing but this just took it to another level especially at higher RPM's Hope you enjoy the clip cause i enjoyed every minute of making it all images we taken in the process
  7. Hey guys speaking of engine sound checkout this video and shots after an exhaust and intake upgrade hope you enjoy it
  8. Loving my beast even more with the little upgrades

  9. Images of my 2013 Shelby with. Smoked side markers,borla exhaust, & side vinyl delete Check out YouTube clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzjpv6bfjzU&sns=em
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