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  1. Jim, I sent in 2 donations, one for the Boss and one for the Shelby. Thanks, Mark
  2. Jim, I don't know if I missed it but what time do you want us there? Thanks, Mark
  3. Jim, I plan on attending either way , always a great time. Nydia and I will be bringing the 2016 Shelby GT350. Thanks Mark
  4. Jim, I would like to attend again this year, are there only going to 20 cars on the upper plaza? Is the lower plaza the parking lot? Thanks, Mark
  5. Did you see Mecum today. Two 14 GT350 went on the block, one with 100 miles and one with 2,500 miles. The bid got to $65k on both of them, one sold one didn't. Pretty good buy.
  6. Mike, Went to the Shelby Bash in 2014 with a group of Mustangs including 3 Shelby Gt350's, all 3 were white with blue accents. Beautiful cars and very nice guys , didn't know the specs on each car and didn't care. You throw a lot of 2016 Shelby GT350 numbers out there that are on ebay . I'm sure there are a lot of 11-14 Shelby GT350's with elevated numbers which the seller will probably never get just like the 2016 numbers. I don't see any of your window sticker numbers posted to make a true comparison between your car and what people are actually paying for 2016's. I've had a few Mustangs and I appreciate all types, sure some better than others. That's why there are all types of makes and model, different stokes for different folks. No reason to degrade other people's choices in cars. I don't know if you have been in or driven a 2016 Shelby GT350 but I think the sound is awesome. Enjoy your choices as others will enjoy theirs.
  7. Jim, Nydia and myself would like to thank you for the wonderful cruise once again. Any event I've been to that you organized or were involved with is always a great time. You always go out of your way to greet everyone and make sure everyone has a great time. Our friends Adrian and Ann Marie also wanted to thank you and were really impressed with how organized the cruise was, even the accident on 92 couldn't derail you. Then after everything you do you pick up the tab for lunch, your kindness is greatly appreciated. Thanks Again, Mark
  8. Jim, Do you plan on stopping on Bernal somewhere or do want us to catch you as you pass by? Mark
  9. Jim, I'm going to give it another try this year, it looks like the weather is going to be good. Nydia and myself will bring the the 50TH LE and our friends Adrian and Ann Marie will bring the Boss 302. Looking forward to making it this year!!!! Mark
  10. When I went to the Boss Track Attack they had a dinner for us in Larry Miller's museum. Really a cool place to have a dinner!!!!! They also gave you a little history on Larry and his collection.
  11. Michael, My wife and I had a great time at this event last year. I sold my Shelby, but I was wondering if I could bring my 2012 Boss 302 and my 2015 50th Anniversary Limited edition? Thanks, Mark
  12. Jim, Nydia and myself would like to join you again this year. I went to gofundme and registered. I will be bringing the 2012 Boss 302. Thanks Mark
  13. It was a good turnout for as cold as it was, I would say 300+ cars. It's the first Sunday of the month and they give you two passes into the museum. It's a good time.
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