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  1. Jer, Last minute, add me too the list I just made it. My first Bash. I don't think my wife is as excited as I am. Now I have to find a room because the Spa Casino is booked. Thanks, Mark
  2. Jim, Because it's a Shelby event, it's got to be the GT500. What time are you going to arrive? Do you know what kind of turnout they are expecting? Mark
  3. Michael, When I registered my printer was down and I could'nt print the form that they said to bring. I tried to print it out at work and because I had already registered it would'nt let me print it out. They have my information so I would think that would be enough, or should I register again in my wife's name. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  4. Sounds like a good time. I went to the site for more information and it didn't have a price or any way to tell if you are one of the first 75. I was wondering if this information is available.
  5. I just put that information on the post (engine tag help needed) that will give you what your looking for.
  6. Google search Ford Show Parts. I bought a 2008 Shelby GT500 a year ago and was able to get certificate of authenticity from them for 45$. It will tell you the day it came off the line and production numbers, a real nice certificate. You also could get a copy of the window sticker. A real nice site with some cool stuff.
  7. Grabber, I was a cement mason and my business agent told me he couldn't say for sure that I would be able to get my pension and keep working. He did tell me each case is reviewed individually and he knew guy's who were able to retire and go into management. My boss sent a letter to the union saying he wanted to make me a project manager with the job description. I received a letter from the union that the board approved the project manager request and I was able to retire at age 55. I know a carpenter who worked for my same company and he did the same thing. If you have the opportunity it's worth looking into. The last time I was laid off it was for 16 months. Part of the time on unemployment and part of the time on disability (knee replacement). It was a good indication of what retirement would be like financially because unemployment and disability are about the same as social security at the age of 62. Still a tough decision.
  8. It's funny how everyone has a different take on retirement. I've been with the same construction company since 1981. At age 55 you can draw your full retirement from my union, so in 2007 at the age of 55 I retired from the union and went into management with my company. Double dipping for a couple of years was good and I was able to help my 2 son's with buying their first homes and bought my first Mustang. Here in California when the economy took the big dump it hit the construction trade hard and our company even harder. My boss knowing I was already getting my pension new I could survive better than the younger guys with families. Early 2010 I got laid off and the next two and a half years I only work 6 months, I got called back in August of 2012 and I'm still working. In July of this year I will be 62, now I have to decide if I want to pull the plug or keep working for a while longer. I have a 2008 GT500 and a 2012 Boss 302, both paid for, but I keep thinking about 2015-2016 Shelby GT350!!!!!! It may keep me working a little longer.
  9. I have a 2008 gt500 and 2012 Boss, both great cars. if I had to let one go I think it would be the GT 500. If it was a 13-14 Gt500 it might be a different story. Then we are talking a big difference in price and you could supercharge the Boss and still be under the cost of a new GT500. I was looking at the Friday and Saturday lots from the Mecum in Kissimmee comparing Shelby to Boss. 14 Shelby's 1966-1970 price range 70-137 thousand, 6 sold low 79 high 137. 2 Boss 429's did not sell both 200 thousand high bid. 1 Boss 302 sold at 97 thousand. Who knows what the future will bring.
  10. I mistakenly said axle-backs and the ones on sale are cat-backs for 399.0
  11. Shelby Performance has Borla touring axle backs on sale for 399.0 Reg. price 829.0 Seems like a good price, I'm thinking about putting them on my 2008 GT500.
  12. I did the BTA in Aug. of 2012, what a blast. A lot of the early sessions are lead and follow with the pro in the lead car and 3 cars following learning the lines. I think you spend to much time trying to take everything in that you don't learn the coarse. Before you go do a little research on the track and learn the layout which will help you out once your on the track. You Tube has some good videos from the BTA, try Miller motorsports boss track attack.
  13. UPDATE: Tim from Walnut Creek Ford called me the next day and said he contacted Ford with my information. Ford agreed to cover it under the power train warranty. I was shocked it was that easy and am very thankful to Walnut Creek Ford. It is there now and should be done tomorrow.
  14. I bought a 2008 a couple months ago with low miles (1003) I have the same problem. I have put about 650 miles on it and I thought the clutch problem might go away with more miles but it hasn't. I read on the different sites that this is a common problem and decided to call a SVT Dealership in Walnut Creek, Ca. I talked to Tim the service director. He couldn't have been more helpful and had a tech take a test ride with me. The tech has dealt with this problem many times and was very helpful. He agreed there was a problem with the clutch and we talked about the warranty with Tim. He took my information and said give him a couple of days and he would contact Ford to see what he could do. I was treated like I have been a customer there for years and it was my very first visit. The dealership was about 60 miles from my house, well worth the trip. I will post an update as soon as I hear something.
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    2012 or 2013

    so they made C/O in 2004 and 2012. Compare that to all the other colors and I think it is a pretty uncommon color.
  16. 1,543 on my 2008 GT500 and 3,621 on my 2012 Boss 302
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    2012 or 2013

    I gave it a lot of thought before I decided on a Comp Orange 2012. I also think it is cool that you can't get Comp Orange in any model or year other than a 2012 Boss.
  18. My mistake. I looked at it today and there was some tape hanging down off the air box and it was covering the other name on the plate. The other name was hard to make out, it looked like O.J. Hensen or B.J. Hensen. The last name is just a guess also.
  19. The builders name was Marc Bittner.
  20. Everything I read about the niche line engine tags talk about the team that built their engine. My tag only has one name on it, Is there anyone else that only has one name on their tag?
  21. I went in August, it was a great collection of cars and I took all kinds of pictures.
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