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  1. On 3/18/2019 at 4:35 PM, SVT NAJA said:

    List of Memorial Classic car show entries attending:

    1. SVT NAJA
    2. Michael Urbach
    3. Dick Jonas
    4. Danny Wilson
    5. Chuck Sellman
    6. David Nannini
    7. John & Rose Anne Raybourn
    8. Bradley Kamin
    9. John Brouse lll
    10. Randy & Kim Thrash
    11. Paul & Margaret Barrow
    12. Edward
    13. John Bray
    14. Terry Johnson
    15. Bill Fulk
    16. Emily Lambert
    17. Rafael Velez
    18. Jim Long
    19. Boris Bogdanich
    20. Amaury Macareno
    21. John "Mo" Moylan
    22. Mark Lopez
    23. Robert Pinotti
    24. Mark Victoria
    25. Andy Boyden


    I sent in 2 donations, one for the Boss and one for the Shelby.

    Thanks, Mark

  2. I have, a 2015 R, and I did not care for the exhaust note compared to my '13 GT350 Borla system with a supercharged Coyote, but I agree we all have our own opinions and tastes about cars and that is what makes life so much fun, we don't all have to think alike. :)


    PS, I did see a '14 GT350 624 HP basic fastback sell at Mecum recently for $87K plus commission, so that seems to be a market point.

    Did you see Mecum today. Two 14 GT350 went on the block, one with 100 miles and one with 2,500 miles. The bid got to $65k on both of them, one sold one didn't. Pretty good buy.

  3. OK, thanks that's fair enough, but I will never track my car, just too dangerous with all those boy racers dashing around you…….. :)


    And of course at the Bash, I will just sit it all out, I am not a good track driver at all, and they have no place for the SAI supercharged cars at Bash.


    But, I will point out one thing, the price of the 2105 GT350 and Rs are way above my fully loaded, wide body, 624 HP '13 GT350. If you can't afford mine, no way you can afford those either. There is just a base car listed on eBay now that started at $127K and is now at $105K, still above my sticker. And when I was talking to a dealer about a '15 R, the conversation started at $180K, and bidding would move up from there, so don't fool yourself, the sticker means nothing on these cars and that makes me more than a little disappointed in the way Ford is doing this car considering the true stock performance characteristics from the documented tests.



    Went to the Shelby Bash in 2014 with a group of Mustangs including 3 Shelby Gt350's, all 3 were white with blue accents. Beautiful cars and very nice guys , didn't know the specs on each car and didn't care. You throw a lot of 2016 Shelby GT350 numbers out there that are on ebay . I'm sure there are a lot of 11-14 Shelby GT350's with elevated numbers which the seller will probably never get just like the 2016 numbers. I don't see any of your window sticker numbers posted to make a true comparison between your car and what people are actually paying for 2016's. I've had a few Mustangs and I appreciate all types, sure some better than others. That's why there are all types of makes and model, different stokes for different folks. No reason to degrade other people's choices in cars. I don't know if you have been in or driven a 2016 Shelby GT350 but I think the sound is awesome. Enjoy your choices as others will enjoy theirs.

  4. Jim,


    Nydia and myself would like to thank you for the wonderful cruise once again. Any event I've been to that you organized or were involved with is always a great time. You always go out of your way to greet everyone and make sure everyone has a great time. Our friends Adrian and Ann Marie also wanted to thank you and were really impressed with how organized the cruise was, even the accident on 92 couldn't derail you. Then after everything you do you pick up the tab for lunch, your kindness is greatly appreciated.


    Thanks Again,



  5. My wife and I met a friend who lives in Martinez and he didn't know anything about the Cobra Experience. It ended up he went to school with the Serb family and introduced us to Drew who couldn't of been nicer. Drew spent time with us answering questions all about the Experience. The rest of the staff were also great taking time to talk to everyone. Kevin and Jared it was also nice meeting you and we will see you at future Shelby gatherings. Amazing museum...

  6. Jim,

    I'm sorry I have to cancel. I waited as long as I could but it is still raining out here and Doppler show it all the over the Altamont. I have never driven the Boss in the rain and I sold the Shelby and picked up a 2015 on Thursday and it would kill me to take them out in this weather. I appreciate your had work on these event and I feel terrible. If I lived in the bay area it would be different. Again I'm very sorry, I will send a donation to LPF.


    Have a great time,


    Thanks Mark

  7. Jim,

    I know it's late in the game, but I was suppose to work tomorrow and it got cancelled. WE missed the cruise last year but if the weather holds out we

    would like to join you on the cruise this year. IT would be me and Nydia in one car and my son his wife and my grandson in the other. I know you have

    reservations so if we make it we could at least join the cruise and we could eat elsewhere. Give me your thoughts.





  8. I called two days ago and they said the block was full. I asked for any room at the regular price and he checked and said they were completely booked. So I decided not to go to the Shelby Bash. Last night at 9 PM I changed my mind and went on line and booked the Bash knowing it was the last day. I booked a room at another hotel at a close location. I just called the Spa Casino Resort to see if I could have them call me if there was a cancellation. She said she could run my card and see if anything comes up, it's meant to be. I got a room and she gave it to me the group rate. She couldn't of been nicer.

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