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  1. btw, they also very happily and conveniently take donations online: https://my.supportlpch.org/give/258363?amount=other#!/donation/checkout
  2. Hi Jim, Me and Hunter and Esme will be going. Also I'll be donating to lucile Packard children hospital online. Those that want to do it that way can use this link here: https://my.supportlpch.org/give/210490/#!/donation/checkout?utm_source=Hospital&utm_medium=website&utm_content=topnav&utm_campaign=YearEnd2018&c_src=Hospital-website-YearEnd2018&c_src2=topnav Thanks for organizing! -Eddie
  3. Jim, thanks again for all your hard work, it was another great event with great weather. It was great seeing everybody again!
  4. is there some visual way to tell for sure? to tell a 2016 car that has a track package vs a base car that had a strut tower brace and bigger spoiler put on?
  5. Hi Jim, I'm going to try to go, although my boss is dirty :-( is there a link this year to a donation form for the Stanford children's hospital ? EDITED TO ADD: answered my own question with some google action... https://my.supportlpch.org/campaign/2017-humans-of-packard-childrens/c154669?utm_source=stanfordchildrens.org&utm_medium=header
  6. Great event, thanks again Jim for not only organizing but for lunch! great meeting everybody!
  7. Thanks for another great event Jim! and to all the folks on the run it was great to meet you!
  8. Thanks Jim! great event and weather as always, great to meet everyone! -Eddie
  9. Thanks again Jim for another awesome event, and it was great seeing everyone!
  10. awesome, thanks! and Jim, thanks again for organizing another great event and everyone, it was terrific to see you all!
  11. that could be cool. 100 OCT does this for their drive events and its neat to drive around as a group with the decals on the doors.
  12. sorry for such a late reply, but just wanted to chime in a big thanks to Jim for always organizing such wonderful events and how great it was to meet everyone, we had a great time!
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