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  1. If it's not to late, my wife and I will join you guys tomorrow.
  2. Thanks again for setting this up. Great cars and great dyno numbers.
  3. I got my Team Shelby Kit today. 11 days after ordering. Thanks guys
  4. Found this video on L4P
  5. Hey Jim If it's not to late, my dad and I would like to join you guys on sat. Hans
  6. Yup I used the whole can just to make sure that it would be thick enough to pull off easily if I didn't like the look of it.
  7. Got my front bumper done yesterday. Took me about an hour to do. After Hard to see but the color is a little bit off and there are a couple of runs/sags and I touched the paint before it was dry which caused a smudge. I used the whole can and it turned out pretty good.
  8. ThanksI will have to look into Tps motorsport. This was the same day they had Cars and coffee at club auto sport, so it only cost me $60 for 3 pulls.
  9. 536hp ??? Really ???

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