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  1. Thanks everyone. I went with frpp 80lb injectors and gonna get the rxt clutch.
  2. Upper and lower Control arms from Steeda were the first thing I did. Before I even got a CAI. But I have the 2013 tvs takeoff along with the elbow, throttle body and stock intake I got for 2 grand. I'm gonna sell those and keep the supercharger and make some money back to possibly buy the clutch. If you say I don't need injectors yet, I might throw the 2.5 on it and call it a day.
  3. Oops said driveshaft twice. So no making fun of me since I caught it myself
  4. Hey guys, this week for some strange reason I decided to go ape nuts with money. Recently purchased bassani headers(now I have full bassani 3 inch o/r xpipe), a tvs blower 2.3, driveshaft, chrome moly k member, and a dynotech driveshaft( too lazy to wait two weeks for the carbon fiber one to be made). Now I just need to know what clutch and injectors I should get? And if possible, maybe a discount code of some sort. Waiting until I have everything before the install so I could do it all at once. Thanks, Beau'
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