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  1. I've decided to sell my Shelby Dakota #61. I'm trying to test the waters to see if anyone is even interested. I'm in the middle of putting a new torque converter in the truck. The car has bad rocker rot. I'm missing one of the original wheels. The light bar is gone. The interior however, is in excellent shape. Truck runs awesome and has somewhere around 145,000 miles. At this point I'm just trying to move on to afford a lift for my garage. I'm looking to get $1200 for it. If anyone is interested, shoot me a text and we can go from there. Thanks guys! Derek Miller 248-421-8076
  2. Any updates. Still in the market for the wheels and lightbar. Thanks again
  3. Still trying to hunt down a wheel. Also looking for a red light bar. I have cash for these items...
  4. How much for the wheels and light bar? Zip is 48326
  5. As the title says I'm looking for a Shelby Dakota wheel. If you have one, please get ahold of me at 248-421-8076 to arrange a payment. Thanks! Derek Miller
  6. What color is that light bar? Did you ever come up with the wheels? Thanks
  7. Let me know when you come up with the wheels. You can call/text me @ 248-421-8076. Thanks again! Derek
  8. Ok, both of my fogs are bad. Brackets and lights. I'm short a wheel, and 4 center caps. The rest is some light rust repair and a good wheeling out. Thanks for your time on this. I'm slowly getting the truck back to original and running good. I'm not in any real hurry, but if you do come up with any of it (which it sounds like you have) I'd be more than happy to work out a deal! Best Regards, Derek
  9. Truck looks great! I'm diggin' the color and hood. A real homage to Mopar muscle of the early 70's!
  10. As a complete twist of fate, I purchased the #61 Shelby Dakota last night. She's in rough shape, but driveable. The back 2 rims are not original and its missing both foglight covers. I'm not a collector or a flipper, just a college kid with an appreciation for these vehicles. All this being said, I'd like to speak with you a bit more regarding some parts. Thanks for your time. Best Regards, Derek Miller
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