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  1. Agreed on the passport 9500ix.. Have mine hard wired above my rear view behind the dark visor on my windshield. Built in GPS and 360 degree protection. Highly recommend it!
  2. As much as I want to start the performance upgrades immediately, I am going to wait until after the '13 MLB baseball season since I will be leaving for spring training soon.. I have always been huge into transforming each vehicle that I've owned into something very unique. Even though it's not often that you see many GT500's on a daily basis, it's still a blast to make it your own. Thus far I have: Formula One ceramic PI25% tint Formula One ceramic PI15% windshield visor Formula One ceramic Air80% full windshield Painted Front (yellow) reflectors Painted Rear (red) reflectors Hard wired Passport 9500ix Lloyd's Ultimat black trunk mat with white neon vinyl binding (ordered) Black GT500 Billet fuel door (ordered) I was close to ordering the Shelby map light accent, but I'm not sure if it fits the 2013?? Future upgrades: Suede/carbon fibre interior Upgraded headliner Carbon fibre hood vent Carbon fibre front splitter Looking for some tips and information.. Anxious to continue working on the ride! I will post pictures of the trunk mat when it arrives, I'm sure a lot of you will end up wanting to order one. Thanks guys, Jake
  3. Do any of you have information on a quality trunk liner/mats for the '13 Shelby? As much as I love this car, some small things (strictly interior) really bother me.. This factory liner has gotta go.. and quickly! Also.. What are your thoughts on the Shaker woofer set-up in the trunk? Anyone else think it looks cheap?
  4. Hey guys, would the best place to post about interior/performance modifications be in the '13-14 Shelby forum?
  5. 100%!! I want to mod the interior as well as a few performance boosts but overall Ford did a great job with this car. Indeed we do.. Where are you in Texas? I'm in Austin.
  6. Not aware of a bash in LV, but I'm interested.. Dates?
  7. Bought a '13 Shelby GT500 early in October (white/matte stripes), as soon as wifey gave me the green light I was on a plane to pick it up! I am blown away every time i drive this car and couldn't be happier that I waited for this as my first mustang of any kind. I've wanted this car since I was 8 years old.. it was worth the wait. I just wanted to introduce a new Shelby to the community, and I look forward to meeting good people and seeing some sexy 'stangs. Cheers
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