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  1. I sold one last year for a '08 SGT with a COA for $1000.
  2. They’re the auto signature not his original signature.
  3. Yep They were the Shelby GT book not the supplement book
  4. I have one left . $400 great shape
  5. I'd be in for a blue SGT hat and polo or T.
  6. I have a total of three: two unsigned and one that is signed with a COA
  7. Carl, I'm pretty sure I have the kit still in the unopened box. If you don't find a kit, I'll sell you mine. I'm on vacation this week so I won't be able to check till this weekend when I get home.
  8. 3 sets were sold so far, I believe the same person or company bought all three sets. I know for sure that they bought two of the sets. Two more sets were just put up by Shelby Auctions, wonder if the same person/company is going to buy those to corner the market at a latter date. The center caps supplied with the wheels do not have the GT350 logo; I asked Shelby before I quit bidding on the last set.
  9. I agree and I need one. Note I said need not want. Got to have my precious ............................
  10. That should be in a museum or at least my garage . AWESOME !!!!!!!!
  11. I 'll take them if still available . Thanks in advance , Gary
  12. I don't even have a KR but it is the ultimate factory GT500 without a doubt. Long live the KR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Jer, Your message box is full. I've tried to PM you this morning. Gary
  14. +1 I actually contacted them on one of the KRs but it was sold before I could pull the trigger. I guess that I dodged the bullet, sometimes I guess it's better to be lucky than good. I won't be looking there again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. On my Shelby GT, I get over a million smiles per tank and I believe around 24 mpg.
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