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  1. On my 2013 the upper pulley alone was good for 40 RWTQ and 29 RWHP. I can feel a real difference driving the car. The torque comes on strong right of idle.
  2. I modded my 2013 when it had 800 miles on it. I added Kooks headers, high flow cats, JLT smooth intake and a smaller upper pulley. Dan at ProDyno did a custom tune and we got 700RWHP and 715RWTQ. The ABS shut us down 800 RPM's below peak HP. It will still wind to redline in driving conditions. Dan estimates that it would have been around 730RWHP at peak. I think this is great power for such simple and relatively inexpensive modifications. We also added a 3.73 ring and pinion. This car is very fast and the most fun car I have ever owned.
  3. I installed the 3.73 in my 2013 Shelby and feel that it is the perfect gear for these cars. I have a 2003 Mach 1 with 4.10's and they are too deep. My Shelby is a blast with these gears.
  4. Thanks. Dan said most stock 2013's put down around 590 so you're correct. We don't have the high flow air filter yet, but we're looking for about 700 HP when it arrives and I get it installed.
  5. Dan at Pro Dyno did a great job on my Shelby. He added Kooks headers and catted X pipe, smooth breather tube and custom tuning. The throttle response is greatly improved and the car is as street able as stock. It made 690 RWHP and 673 RWTQ. Notice how broad and flat the torque curve is. I also had them install a 3.73 ring and pinion. This car is a blast to drive!
  6. I'm running 305's on the rear and 275's front with Shelby wheels. 20 X 10 and 20 X 9 with no clearance issues.
  7. Thanks for the comments. No, it's not lowered. All stock except for wheels. I am getting headers, X pipe, air intake and tune at Pro Dyno as soon as the headers get back from the ceramic coaters.
  8. CS70 wheels 20x9 on the front. 20x10 on the rear. Nitto 275 front, 305 rear, no clearance issues. I think they fill out the fender openings very well.
  9. This is my 2013 Shelby with CS 70 wheels and Nitto tires. 20X9 with 275's in the front and 20X10 with 305's in the rear. No clearance issues and I really like the way they filled the fender openings.
  10. Does anyone have pictures of a Shelby with CS70 wheels? Thanks
  11. Does anyone have any pictures of a Shelby with the CS 70 wheels? I'm considering them for my car and would like to see how they look installed. Thanks
  12. Thanks Ray, I too have heard a lot of good things about Jon and BJ. I'm going to make some calls tomorrow and get some info. Chet
  13. Thanks Idle-hour, I appreciate your input. That's what I was thinking, but I've only dealt with Vipers in the past so the tuner is a new concept to me. [ Gen. IV Vipers can't be modified beyond exhaust without engine lights] I am going to contact American Muscle and see what we can work out.
  14. I just purchased a new 2013 Shelby and would like to add some mods. Would you guys recommend the Lethal 680 package or should I make the two hour drive to American Muscle for a custom tune? I'm sure they can add the Throttle body and air intake like the Lethal kit. Also, will these cars pass inspection with an off-road exhaust like the "x" pipe? Thanks for your help.
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