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  1. I taught my 16 year old daughter how to drive a stick with my car. That's how easy they are as far as manuals go. As it's been mentioned, it's a very docile car until you introduce boost into the mix. That being said, it's all about respect. If you're used to fast cars, take it easy with this one, as they bite. If you figure the manual transmission out no problem, don't get a grandious feeling that you've mastered the car, cause you haven't. Keep the nannies on till it's all second nature to you and you've had plenty of time behind the wheel. Alibi pretty much summed it all up.
  2. I think KC has one of the highest concentrations of Shelby's that I think I've heard of. Seems everyone over on GT500.com has one, and lives there. Right Bob?
  3. PM me if you can. I tried to PM you but I don't think you have them enabled. That or your inbox is full.
  4. We weren't allowed to take pictures.
  5. Got to tour SA this past weekend. Must say was thoroughly impressed and BTW, saw your car up on the lift being worked on. They're plugging away on it at least.
  6. SVTperformance.com has production numbers from each year as a sticky in their GT500 section.
  7. Yes, mine was a stripe delete. I was tired of looking at white "cue ball." I purchased the stripes from a vinyl vendor and installed them myself. Two reasons. First, ordering factory stripes from Ford takes about $1800 our of your wallet. And that's for a crappy grade vinyl. Second, Vinyl guys will charge quite a bit to do the work. They're good, don't get me wrong, but I got estimates from 1k and up. So the way I did it, I spent a grand total of about $550-600 dollars. Another reasons why I striped it myself. Please don't take this as I'm ripping on everybodies factory stripes, I'm not. Every look at how the factory stripes just end at various points. The trunk, rear spoiler, roof, etc.. Everywhere there is a body seem, the stripes end. I didn't like that and wrapped all my stripes. The third brake light is an especially troublesome area that I just thought Ford could have done better. I understand why they didn't get detailed with stripe installation but it bugged me. Doing all of it myself, I fixed that. Took me a few days to vinyl the car, had to take the spoiler, faux gas cap, and front grills (both) to do it the way I wanted but I took my time. It actually was both fun and frustrating installing the stripes. There are a couple areas I need to re-do that probably nobody else can see, but I can so I'll fix all that when it gets a little warmer out. You should try striping the car yourself. All it takes is a little patience, and some beer!
  8. I think (not 100%) but JLT has some youtube clips of dyno'ing stock res delete cai's vs. 123mm cai's. If I can remember, I think it was between 20-30hp. Don't take that as gospel as I'm shooting from the hip. Been awhile since I've seen it.
  9. Thank you sir! I really do appreciate the compliments. I'm in the same boat as you in regards to the rear ends of the '13-14's. To me, it's too tall looking and not proportionate. At the same time though, I simply love the tail lights of the '13-'14's. Can't explain it, I just do. So this was a good compromise for me. Maybe not the smartest mod in terms of the all mighty dollar but hey, I think we all have chucked common sense out the window when it comes to these cars. I don't plan on modding the power plant on this thing too much, and I much prefer the gearing on the '11-12's. BTW, those are not Alcoas. Crazy as it may seem, me going out and spending a ridiculous amount of money on tail lights, I could never justify spending the absorbent amount of money Alcoas are fetching. IMO, insanely overpriced! Enough of my blasphemy... Thanks again for your kind words.
  10. The main thing is getting away from any Kicker products.
  11. Not a problem, and thanks for the compliments! They're always appreciated! You actually CAN find decent prices on '13 tail lights. Good news, they're the same for ALL mustangs in '13-'14 so you can find them. Local sourcing will help a ton. Just have to be patient. If you do go this route, remember to get the pigtails with the taillights. Ford does not sell the pigtails separate. They sell them as part of the tail light. Lucky for me I found a set of pigtails on ebay! Half price of new is what you'll be looking to pay. New is $1600.00
  12. Yep, its done. I posted pics over on my "home" forum and kind of forgot about my posts over here. I kept the trim pieces black in order for them to blend in a bit better since the '13 tail lights are dark to begin with. I don't have "solid" pics since it's -25 below with the wind chill, and I'm not pulling the Shelby out to get a 10ft shot of the rear of the car. Have to wait till Spring!
  13. I ordered the two plastic pieces and will paint them when I get a hold of em. Then I'm gonna discretely yank the '13 tail lights off my wife's GTS and find out how good it looks with the "gap filler" painted. I don't know what I'm more excited about.... Trying this mod out, or seeing if my wife even notices I "ganked" her tail lights!
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