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  1. ljn Welcome back to warm country. I will have to figure out how to add pictures never done that. Yes the Cervini side dumps do look good IMO and I like hearing the rumble out of the side instead of the back. The mufflers that come with the Cervini's are locally made and not good for an adult like me with noise conscious neighbors...they were crap...no acoustic material just very loud and lots of drone over a wide RPM range. I threw them away and installed 5" OD by 20" cylindrical Borlas parallel to the drive shaft because room is limited. Sound is pretty awesome....a bit of drone around 1800 RPM but in a narrow range but not too bad...so drone not too bad and similar to my Flowmaster American Outlaws on the regular Mustang GT. But when you open these puppies up I doubt there are many GT500s out there that sound like this. Yet while idling in the driveway they are not too bad which is a plus for my noise conscious neighbors. Sound clips? You are pushing your luck I am struggling with the photos LOL
  2. Alibi, Like I said this was 3rd hand info not confirmed...the guy owns his own repair shop in Texas and works on higher end cars and owns a GT500 but I don't consider him a GT500 expert so forget I even mentioned it. Cheers
  3. I too love the Glass Roof. A bit pricy but very nice to have. Note they have an interior screen that you can push to the front to block 95% of the sunlight to heating is not a problem. Also I have heard (third hand info) that the Glass Roof may crack if you boost the power of the GT500 to 800 hp. That is my 2 cents for the day.
  4. All the GT500 colors are great in my opinion. Go with what you like not what the "experts" say who sound like they don't know what they are talking about. Personally I have had the GB with Black on a Boss and it looked great...on the GT500 I bought a used 2013 GB and White with 1200 miles. I based the decision on the options, miles and price, which were more important to me than the color, but I am very happy with it.
  5. Case Closed...prior owner had 4 inch outside dia Pypes M-80s with 3 inch inner tube so little if any acoustic deadening hence why drone so bad. Installed 5" round by 15" Borla X-1s and sounds great...not too loud at idle but makes music when the pedal is exercised even just a tiny bit. I have always loved Borlas but I know there are many many other good muffler products out there. Small amount of drone is still there due to smaller muffler size but that's the best I am going to do since side exhaust has limitations on how large the mufflers can be since they sit under the console near the drive shaft...thanks. Will do pictures as one gent requested after I retun from a long trip overseas.
  6. I thought so and you folks did too...the dealer guys consistently show they are not as knowledgeable as we are! I only take it to them when I must such as a warranty check / documentation.
  7. I had my car in for warranty checks and one of the more senior guys at the dealership service dept said they have Trackey available for GT500s, not just for the Boss 302 (12-13) program that I am familiar with. I told him he was wrong that Trackey is not available for GT500s. Do you guys agree with the dealer or with me? Maybe I missed this somehow. Reason why this is relevant....I have taken it in for excessive fuel consumption and they are theorizing perhaps Trackey may be responsible for the reduction so I am going to give them both keys to prove they are wrong. But I think the dealership is really confused....if I am right this is frigtening, but not surprising for a dealership. Cheers
  8. We really did like the improvements on the 2014 overall...just couldn't keep both the Vette and the new (used GT500) plus the others. Pros for C7 - much improved interior nice full leather with 3LT package, excellent gas mileage (over 30mpg at 80 mph), smooth, seats are comfortable now, electronics, different dashboards for various drive modes, much stiffer chassis now all aluminum handles better, great skid pad results, more nimble and precise handling, decent acceleration, and so on. I don't have to list the pros for the GT500. So it wan't that I didn't like the C7, we did like it....it was just that I like the Mustangs more. Have had 10 mustangs now over the years....
  9. Hi Ladies and Gents, I had a 2013 GT500 with Borla axleback ATACs which were really outstanding in my opinion. No drone, quiet on idle, and boomers when you hit the gas. Then I sold the GT500 and bought one of of the new Corvettes which truly is an outstanding redesign (based on past experience with Vettes) but I missed the GT500 so much that I sold the Vette and bought another GT500. So I am back on the forum with you guys!!!!. So here is why I am asking for your help if you have experience with the Cervini side exhaust. My new (used) 2013 GT500 has these side exhausts which is a very very nice product and the sound is awesome. But it is too loud for my neighbors and does have a drone that I can't live with around 1200 to 1500 rpm. I am going to call the guys that market this stuff and get their opinion, but they are salesmen and women and so I also wanted your advice. It appears they use Magnaflow round mufflers with 4" connections (7 inch outside diameter mufflers). It appears these come from Magnaflow in 4 different lengths from a 14" body length to a 30 inch body length, excluding the 4 inch connections and lengths. QUESTION: Have any of you, that bought the Cervini side exhaust kit, had to replace the mufflers to a more less robust design (still aggressive sound, but not overly so), and hopefully one with less drone? If so what manufacturer did you use and model number, and would you recommend to me what you have purchased?. Plus any other relavent thoughts that you might have would be greatly appreciated. Rodders .
  10. Hey Speedman Sir, For the upgrades you mentioned above 2 notes up, how much did that cost you? Sounds like a pretty good increase for nominal upgrades. Let me / us know please. Thanks.
  11. Congrats you have purchased one heck of a piece of engineering marvel in my opinion. Great advice from the above folks and I leave the traction control on almost all the time. Until you get used to the car, my advice is to watch out for giving too much gas or roads even with slight curves...once you get used to it you will know how to manage that.
  12. My 2 cents....I am going to keep an open mind and get more information before I write the 2015s off...the fact that they cut off 200 pounds and can get 305 HP out of a little 2.3 4 banger is some good technology but you guys are right I think...the front is goofy. But Ford must have their reasons and change / major upgrading is important or else people start buying the competition so I suspect Ford has good reasons to do what they are doing. THe good news is that obviously nobody is forcing us to sell our GT500s and Boss 302s so I'll be happy no matter what Ford comes out with specifically.
  13. Guys and ladies, Any issues with the high volume non-disposable air filters that you have to oil and clean occasionally. Although they are permanent, they are cheaper than buying one single disposable paper type, and it really seems to have a bit more power, but that may be my imagination. As long as they are properly maintained, any issues with these? I won't mention the name brand, but everybody will know which brand I am talking about. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I have never had a SC engine before and don't want to take chances if there is any risk with using these with one of these fine pieces of engineering. Cheers
  14. Oops I was not done. If you want leather seats, nav and a vehicle that is nicely optioned, then it is the GT500 that you want, as the Boss is pretty striped down and more geared for simplicity and the track.
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